Trialling Unitron - Latitude 16 Moxi 13

I started trialling the above hearing aids last Wednesday and I am so disappointed in them. They are RIC type and the wires are so short that they hurt my ears after about 30 minutes. I can’t hardly understand any speech at all with them - 50% or less. The TV sounds as though I am listening to something in Russian. I also got the Udirect but this is totally useless as the mobile phone is garbled. I have given up wearing them until I see the Audie again next Wednesday. If she can’t perform a miracle with adjusting them I will be returning them pronto and will wait until the Phonak Spice arrives in Australia.

Left…70…90…95… 85…70…65….65

I have trialling the Unitron Moxy 13 and have had a pretty good experience with them. I’m no audiologist, but looking at your audiograph, I wonder if you would need a power receiver for the RIC or maybe just a standard BTE with ear mold. Hopefully someone else will chime in to help you.

You’d be quite right with that, it’s probably more in the domain of a canal mould on the RIC too.

The short wire is just a fitting issue, which ought to be reolved if you get a proper set of canal moulds too - they are adjustable.

As for everything sounding Russian - what’s your hearing aid experince? It may give us a clue on what you are experiencing. Speak to your audiologist to see if they can put your prescription nearer to where you find it comfortable. It’s quite poaaible that at the gain levels you need for that loss, your feedback manager is doing overtime and you can hear the effects.

They do have power receivers and this is my 5th pair of aids. Started with Phonak ITC, Siemens CIC, Siemens BTE and I now wear Phonak Micro Power with power RIC. My Audie suggested that I try the Unitron as they are cheaper than Phonak in Australia. I really wanted to try bluetooth and the udirect.

It’s still possible that the feedback is the main culprit - are the power recivers mounted in proper shells or do they use the standard domes?

When the aid begins to feedback at peak (speech) inputs, the feedback mananger futzes around with the signal to maintain the stability of the output. This is probably why the speech is sounding so poor to you.

Firstly the pumbing of the sustem needs to be sorted, so you are getting enough seal on your ears for optimum sound transfer, then the feedback manager needs re-running to identfy the areas where gain is going to need reining in, then the audiologist needs to let you listen to a couple of sound samples and identify whether you ‘like’ the sound the aid makes. Don’t necessarily assume that just because it sounds a bit alien that the sound is wrong, it may just be addressing part of your hearing mechanism that hasn’t been stimulated for many years.

Thanks for that - having first follow up visit tomorrow so will see what she can come up with. They are the proper shells in the ears - made especially for my ears.