Trialing Signia Styletto

I had an audiology appointment today and have started a trial of Signia Styletto HAs. Does anyone here have these, and what do you think of them?

I’m coming at this from an 8 year old pair of Widex HAs. The Bluetooth connectivity is much better than my old set. I like that they’re rechargeable and there’s no battery door. So far, I can’t tell much difference in terms of my ability to hear speech better which is the main driver in my seeking a new set. I know it takes time to adjust so I’m going to give it time. Also the trial set needs the wire length shortened for a better fit on my ear.

Do you know what % prescription your new aids are set at?
As an experienced hearing aid person you probably need 100%-110% prescription. Anything less and you are not getting what you need.


I’m not sure. We checked the old aids and those were set higher than target. But there was a lot to discuss with the trial aids and I don’t recall if she set them at or beyond prescription. I have an appointment scheduled with her next week and we’ll likely tweak them.

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