Trialing Phonak Naida V, but

This is the 2nd day with the Naida V, replacing a Phonak Supero. Not only new aid, but 2 aids, having worn only one for well, forever. So I guess I’m trialing 2 things! First thing is that Why the heck I never had 2 aids, I don’t know, but I’ll never go back to just one. So whatever I do from here will be with 2 aids. I feel more balanced and can actually hear on that other side! Geez, wasted time all those years. Sigh.

Okay, so I’m already used to the whole ear mold, large tubes and BTE aids, so no problems with that. The programming in the new ear (right) seems just right. The left one, however, is giving me fits. I know I was used to POWER, and these new digital wonders are more about finesse, so finding a middle ground is going to be difficult for me. Right now, in the left ear only, I’m dealing with a little reverberation/vibrating of higher pitched sounds, a little bit of feedback off and on, and a constant drone in the background - kind of like the sound at the ocean. I go back tomorrow for check up so hopefully she can do something. I did note that on the target range, my right ear is fairly close to the target fit, maybe slightly lower. The left ear (the one I’ve always worn an aid in) is way above the target fit. Does this mean I just need to train my brain to work on finesse (IE. sound discrimination), not volume?!

Overall, I must say speech in calm is wonderul. The car was wonderful. Being at the store (Lowes Hardware and Walmart) was not so great. Seems like the cacophony of beeps, dings, whirrs and such totally drown out any voices. And forget the parking lot. I never heard the car backing up until the person honked their horn. Sigh.

If your audiogram is pretty much the same in both ears, try removing your right HA and put it on your left earhook and see if it makes a difference. Least you will eliminate a instrument prob.
Your earhooks just unscrew out of the Ha.

I am interested in your problem because i also had problems with my long time use of HA’s in my left ear. Trailed two hearing aids like you for the first time, Left ear had reverbrations/echo’s. Was using slim tubes and Phonak slimtips on the Neos Micro, then trialed Phonak Naidas with the same set-up which made the artifacts worst.

Visited my audi today for tune-up (we missed the Friday visit because her kid was sick), and every thing is so much better. I must say reading up on so many posts here from others who have gone through the same trials with various aids, one of the most important things anyone can do is take notes on when/where your aids do things well/not so great. You simply can’t remember all those details when you get back into the audi’s office! I had my list in hand (actually I emailed it to her), and we addressed each issue in turn.

Coming off the Supero and its power (volume), the whole finessing of sounds is just not possible in the first couple days. That whole “re-training” the brain thing, I guess. All I know is that by the 3rd day of 18 hr continuous wear, I realized that I was automatically turning the aids down a few notches every time I put them in. So we lowered the overall volume. That in itself took away the ocean sound I was hearing in my left ear. Next we lowered the high pitches in my left ear and that took away the warbling, reverberating sound I was having when hearing any higher pitched voices or music. I forget the name or the program, something like speech in noise, we lowered the noiseblock to none (we took it away, that is, it had been on medium) and when I stopped at the store, I could hear the warning beeps and dinging and car starting in the lot. So I felt much better about that!

So far so good. Haven’t checked out the phone yet, but the music in the car was much better after setting up a music program.

After being in a very crowded restaurant over the weekend, I can definitely see a plus to having a manual zoom capability, which unfortunately only comes with an upgrade to the Naida IX (and a bunch more moolah!). The ICom should arrive next week, so that will be another ball game, I guess.

And, I should add, having a responsive, helpful audiologist is well worth the money.

Thank to all for your helpful comments in this and many other threads. The information is out there, and even a technologically incompetent idiot like me can manage to find useful parts.

Had another adjustment yesterday. Because I am very specific about what I think I need, the visit is very short. This time, I needed the telecoil phone volume raised as well as its high pitch lowered, in just the right ear I needed the bass boosted a couple notches. I’m stopping in tomorrow to have the telecoil volume lowered (for some reason she raised it 3 notches - not sure how many db each notch represents, but 3 was about 2 too many!), and the overall volume lowered in my right ear just a little. Funny, the longer I wear these (and I am a full-time wearer), the less I need the volume - I think I’m passing over into the finesse part of hearing, if that makes sense. I find that lowering the highs or raising the bass (to put it in simple terms), no longer also means “raise the volume” for me… in fact, I am finding that making the pitch change sometimes means the volume can come down to put it in more of a comfort/clarity range. This is big for me because the higher volume means more feedback to me.

I know the Naida IX has the self-learning ability - if I consistently turn down the aids, does that mean the hearing aid will eventually reprogram itself so I no longer have to manually lower the volume?