Trialing Phonak ComPilot II and Phonak RemoteMic

I’m trying the Compilot 11 and remote mic on trial. I originally wanted it to hear people who wear masks and pexi shields in doctor’s offices. But I find it doesn’t work very well. My Audi said the Compilot works best in noisy places and a doctor’s office or at home isn’t noisy, is this so?

And does the mic have to be 8" from the speaker’s voice?

Any negative thoughts?

I use the RemoteMic when in quiet. It doesn’t matter. I use it for the TV when I’m around friends houses. It saves trying to connect my TV Connector box.

I have a RemoteMic but don’t use it. The latency is too much for it to be useful. I keep it only because there may be a situation sometime i may want to use it. I also have the Roger ClipOn mic that i do use.

How do you use the remote it at friends houses for TV? Do you place it in front of their speaker?

How would you compare the two? Only latency difference or?

Which aids you have, please remind me?

Probably yes. It’s meant to be worn as lapel mic afaik. You can probably do ‘interview mode’ with it, but yeah, be very close to the mouth.

And any mic will work better in quiet than in noise. Compilot is just a intermediary connector, it doesn’t care for noise or not.

I have M90s with Roger recievers and use all the Roger stuff. The remote mic is Bluetooth and omnidirectional and has greater range. Both are designed to be clipped on but the BT latency is a problem if you can also see or hear the person using. The remote mic might be better if you are in another room or at a distance . The omnidirectional also picks up lots of other sound so less useful in noise

Are you talking about the PartnerMic?

Exactly that! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No! that is a 3rd Phonak option. Same form-factor clip-on but works on the same frequency as TV connect.

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