Trialing Multiple Aids

I may be very ignorant about this but I have seen several posts from people trialing several different types or brands of HA’s. How do they do this? Do they have to pay full price for every aid they trial? Then when they return them of course they are refunded. Do they do this for a couple weeks or a couple months?

Do they trial them in the office but would have to have an REM done to truly get the perfect fit. Some offices have several brands on hand. Is this what they trial? In one office before I went to Costco I tried a Phonak and an Oticon off the shelf. There were no adjustments done. But just with that short test I found that the Oticons had better sound.

I would hate to have 3K to 9K charged to my Credit card. With Costco you may be able to do this because they have a six month trial. But with Audis who do not have this how do you work it out?

In a previous post it was stated that audiologist do not permit you to walk out of the office with the aids before paying. I believe that is correct.

Sorry, I am just curious about this.

It varies greatly. I think usually free trials are for a couple of weeks. These often require no payment. Costco (in the US) offers a 180 day return period. You have to pay when you order the aids, but have 180 days to return. Other places may offer anywhere from 30 to 90 day return period. Some may charge a fitting fee. It’s very challenging to directly compare hearing aids. To do so would require them being set up the same way. The way most people compare hearing aids would be akin to somebody trialing speakers with somebody randomly adjusting the equalizer.


I trialed 3. Oticon resound and phonak. Basically my audi set them up and said here. See you in a couple of weeks. Now admittedly I have been a customer for 25 years but it has always been that way. No deposit no credit card. Yes he has all my personal information but I’m not thr only customer he does this with. It’s one of the many reasons I have have stuck with him. And if the aid I own breaks he always has a loaner available. I’m also aware that he’s probably an exception to the rule. But to his credit he knows trying an aid for an hour doesn’t work. I consider myself fortunate.

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In Croatia I had to pay full price deposit to take them home and test at one place, at another they didn’t even think about letting me out with them, at third place they usually ask for deposit but guy said that he trusts me and know where I live so I didn’t have to deposit.

Now in Germany, first place, no deposit, just a signature with which I take full responsibility for the aids in case I lose them etc.
Those I returned.

With second guy, not even signature. He doesn’t have aids on stock (has a few trial ones) but orders the one you’d like to try, and you have 10 weeks to either return or pay.
Since I was open with him about self programming and we share findings and tips, when I asked would it be possible to compare them back to back he said no problem. So I got 2x p90 (13t and rt) and 1x m9013t.

After a few days I’ve returned m90 since they’re hearing wise the same for me.

Witht that first place I’m sure I wouldn’t be allowed to get two at the same time. At least not officially. I think that guy was also positively surprised by how much I’ve figured out (that was before I bought programming device, one reason being that guy and my annoyance that it would be totally inappropriate that I just grab that mouse and click around :joy: ).

But, Germany is one interesting country. Here is really common that you order goods online, get the goods and a bill and then you have 14 days or even more to pay it. Even when you’re first time buyer at that place. Some allow that bill payments after you’ve bought a few times using some other method.

And not on amazon, but many other online shops.

I asked first guy about deposit and he said that I’ve signed responsibility, so if I run away they’ll just sue me. :joy:
So basically they treat customers as honest adults. Nice feeling :slight_smile:

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Free trial without deposit or anything.

In Spain you can trial without any fee, deposit or guarantee for 2 - 4 weeks. The first time i walked into an audiology store I went out with a pair of Unitron Moxifit. No questions asked, they didn’t asked for my credit card, my ID, anything; just my name, phone number, home address. Take into account that I was a foreigner who had just arrived in the country. Then I googled and found this forum where I learned other brands were better, and tried Signia, Oticon, Resound, Phonak at other offices with other audiologists.All of them were gently, all of them free trial without paying anything upfront.

I had a free Phonak trail here in the UK. Worthwhile along with a 60 day no quibble refund after buying it.

In Serbia everyone advertises “free” trials but everywhere you gotta pay some and you have something like 1 month for trial.

I went to a local hospital with a hearing specialist along with an MD. They sell HA and do testing and appear very well trained. They allowed me to trial 3 brands of HA for a couple of weeks. None was able to get by my issue, where all voices sound like they’ve been supercharged with a helium. Sounds like comic strip movies to me, including my voice. Music is out!

In Michigan, one audie charged me $75 to trial Oticon for 2 weeks, which would come off the price if I bought from her. Another, the one I ended up going with because she had ReSound (and the other didn’t) offered no trials. I had to buy them and I could bring them back for a refund within…sorry I forgot how much time I had. Maybe 30 days. If I returned them there was a “restocking fee.” And then I would have to pay full price to “trial” another. She said she used to offer free trials but she had a few people take them and never bring them back.