Trial period for Oticon Streamer?

Should I get a trial period with an Oticon Streamer? The first HA dispy I talked to say “No. We program it, it’s yours.” I’m just not comfortable with shelling out $250-ish w/out getting to at least try the thing.

What’s the word?

As far as I know only about 30% get it… Some people use it only for remote control
while others use quite alot. It depends on how much do you plan to use BT

Some auds should have a demo version they could loan you for a week or two to see if you like the idea.

I would want to use it for cell phone and mp3 use and according to the other thread, that’s where people seem to have the most trouble with it. Thus my hesitation in getting one.

I would insist on a trial. I use the streamer a lot as a remote control and to switch between programs for use in different environments. For that perspective it is flawless. I am less than impressed with it for use with my cel phone. The reception and sound quality in my ear is superb. For the caller on the other end it varies widely, from acceptable to bottom-of-the-well or end-of-a long-pipe annoying. I use an iPhone
I am sure that Oticon will improve this over time, but this is my experience.

Good luck

new gen HI will come soon… AAA2010

This is great news…any ideas as to what we can look forward to?