Trial period for HAs

I’m not sure how to ask this question but here goes. Can anyone tell me how to find out if my state (IL) has the “thirty day” trial period requirement for HAs? And does this mean that all HA dispensers must abide by this? I’m getting ready to check into HAs and I want to be sure I can have a reasonable trial period for all the money I’m going to need to spend.

Here’s the IL Hearing Instrument Consumer Protection Act. It looks like 45 days but you better read the act to be sure.

Thank you very much.

A distinction might be made between the refund period after you buy new hearing aids, mandated by law in Illinois and many other states, in which you can return new hearing aids you have purchased and get your money back… typically 30+ days, as you know…

…and a trial or demo that many audiologists offer in conjunction with many manufacturers for many hearing aid models, particularly newer and more expensive ones. In some cases, the trial may be free. In other cases, you may be asked for a deposit or fee towards an eventual purchase, which I assume would still be subject to a refund later in a state such as Illinois. At the end, you can just say “no” and owe nothing extra, assuming you return the demo model in good condition. (If you say “no” to all aids, the audiologist may expect to charge you a fitting fee for the time spent in trial appointments.) This latter type of hearing aid trial, though, is different from the mandatory refund period some states require.

Ask the audiologist about your options for trying out new aids. Go see the audiologist for adjustments–generally, new users need several adjustments made in separate appointments to get the aids set correctly for them. Keep an eye on the calendar, though, if you’re not overall very positive about your new aids.