Trial period Artis bluetooth

I plan to purchase the Artis Bluetooth neck loop for my daughter. I live on the West Coast and she lives on the East Coast, so I would like to have a reasonable trial period(return period) in which to evaluate the device and return it if not satisfied. Does anyone know of a seller of the Artis that has reasonable return policy say 30 days? A shorter trial period might not allow enough time to thoroughly test the BT neck loop and return it to the seller. I plan to travel back to see her within the next month or so and would like to be there while she tries the product. If it works I would also be interested in the TVB.
As a side note I found the Artis web site less than user friendly. I wanted to talk with someone at Artis but no phone contact was listed for that purpose.

I misspelled the vendor of the Bluetooth device it should have been Artone(not Artis). Please see above post.

Admin runs a website that sells the Artone, and he offers a 30 day return period.