Trial of Oticon More, change from Widex Unique

Yesterday, I got the Oticon More hearing aides plus ConnectClip and bluetooth dongle. I have been wearing Widex aids with custom molds for four and half years. I think the speech clarity is possibly better, but I really dislike the way my dance videos sound. I feel that I am missing bass and lower tones. I just read on another thread that the custom domes I’m used to hold in more low frequency sounds. (But I really don’t have much loss in the lower frequencies anyway.) Perhaps the fit can resolve this problem.
The problem that I find unacceptable is the way the streaming works from my computer, with bluetooth dongle plus ConnectClip as well as just ConnectClip. The Widex bluetooth streaming dongle has a “room off” button. I have been using it a lot because I start and stop my dance videos all the time and because in the car I can’t otherwise hear. The Oticon ConnectClip doesn’t have this, but I can go to the app’s “environment” tab and lower the sound from the environment down to nothing, as well as increase the volume. Fine. But when I stop the video, all those changes are eliminated and I am back to full environment sound and regular volume. This is beyond irritating. I am going to have to stop this trial and try something else.
My hearing loss is not that bad, and the hearing aid specialist thinks I should not have the custom molds but rather regular tips. With the plastic tails on these tips, they are definitely staying in my ears. Early on with the Widexes, my ears were constantly pushing out regular tips, which is why we went with custom molds.
Any suggestions on what to try are welcome. I have misplaced my hearing test results so can’t post, but my hearing loss is in the higher frequencies, left worse than right.

I want to add that the Oticon’s tinnitus feature is not good. There are not a lot of options, and some sound just like tinnitus! Ocean and water sounds send me to the bathroom.

What do you mean with “Room off”? Do you want to mute the mics on your hearing aids?

It’s easy. Just hit the “Mute” button in the Oticon ON app on your “General” program. You don’t need to switch to the ConnectClip program if you just want to have the sound from your computer. It will broadcast when the ConnectClip is on and when the computer is sending audio.

The hearing aids mics will stay muted until you unmute them again.

Yes, that’s what I mean by “room off.” I’m not sure where in the app your description applies. This is what I do. I click on the “remote control” choice at the bottom of the app screen. Then I click on the remote control symbol (next to P1. Then I push the two sliders down to -8. Back on the P1 page, I boost the sound to 2. None of these changes stick when I stop and restart the video. I do not see any other place for muting the mikes.

I do use the Oticon tinnitus program in my OPNS1 aids and it does help me. My tinnitus is mostly white noise so it is helpful

It’s my understanding, from the specialist and a couple of videos, that this would essentially shut off the aids, not the just the mikes. I will try it, though,

It mutes the mics, I use it when I am streaming calls to my aids to kill environmental noise

Which tinnitus sound do you use on your aids? My tinnitus is constant, and with the Widexes, I had the fractal tones tinnitus choice made a part of my regular program. With the Oticons, I tried the shshing sound, and it just sounded as though the aids were defective. I may have my specialist try this again, once I am more used to the aids.

Wow! This makes a real difference for me! That this mutes the mikes was not what the audiologist said, at least from what I recall. I could have misunderstood. THIS WORKS WELL, and the mikes stay off no matter how often I stop and start the video. I am so grateful!

I use white noise, but it seems to be just enough out of phase that it seems to cancel out my tinnitus.

Did you ever try tulip domes? Those are the only ones I can get to stay in, except while eating.

We tried all sorts of domes, including tulip style, from various manufacturers. None would stay put. And I don’t mean I was pushing them back every half hour or so; it was more like every few minutes. Even with the custom domes, my right ear pushes out the custom mold with some frequency.
The Oticon has a plastic tail by the tip that secures it in place. (Such a tail was not tried back then for the Widexes.)
Plus the Oticons are cooler.

Since you’re already using the ConnectClip, you can easily mute the aids from it:
Just hold volume down button for 4 seconds.
To unmute press either volume button.
Easy peasy.


Yes! Thank you. I discovered this earlier today upon reading the Oticon FAQ. Very glad to know this.