Treble and Base Adjustable Aids

Most likely this is answered somewhere, but have not found the source yet.
I lost hearing in a shooting range incident 2 years ago. Removed Ear protection to answer a question and person next to me pulled trigger on a military style VERY LOUD REPORT rifle.
That did it for both ears :slight_smile:

I have tried 5 aid manufacturer’s and 4 doctors.
All I seem to get is same distorted sound BUT LOUDER with same distortion results.
Is there something out there that provides something of a Treble and Base Adjustment ?
No doctor I have seen says there is a Treble.Base that works.
And Of course had nothing to show me either in office.

No surgery done yet, no attempt to see or understand other than that QUIET closed off silent room and quiet.
Can hear in the Closed Off Silent Room because I am the only one in there :slight_smile:
Once outside in real world the noise becomes totally impossible to hear anyone beyond the one person.
ed in reno, nevada

should one assume your first stop was with an ENT?

Both the ReSound LiNX and Starkey Halo have iPhone apps which allow you to adjust the bass and treble to an extent. But if you need major changes to the frequency response, you’ll still have to see your audi.

The Siemens TEK bluetooth device also works as a remote and has a treble adjustment. The TEK is also available for other Siemens brands, like Rexton and Hansaton.

Although it only has treble, you can still use that to adjust the bass. Want more bass? Turn the overall volume up a little, and then turn the treble down a little, so treble ends up at the same place but bass is higher.

Remember this is the TEK device, and not the newer mini-tek.

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I really suggest you read more posts on this site and familiarize yourself with the various brands and features of hearing aids. phonak, widex, oticon, bte, rics,cic, channels, bands, directional microphones. if these names and terms does not sound familiar then you really need to study more. this is the key to your ability to maximize the benefits you get from hearing aids. seriously.

I believe with your treble and base adjustment request you are asking for the ability to program your own aids. That can be done with a lot of effort but I would suggest you first learn the basics of hearing aids and the industry before doing anything more.

The last part of your post regarding hearing in the “real world” this is where directional mics come into play. This is an issue regarding speech in noise. Very little to do with treble and base controls. everything to do with directional microphones. Go to your stereo and play multiple voice embedded sounds at one time and use the treble and base controls and see if they do anything to hear the voices better? Nearly all aids nowadays come with directional microphones except for those tiny cics aids which are not big enough to have 2 microphones. But even with them they are not so great. you can go from hearing just 2 out of 10 words to maybe hearing 4 to 5 out of 10 words with this feature. There is a company called phonak and in their premium aids they have a stereozoom feature that uses 4 microphones at once. But even with this feature you may only improve the number of words you hear out of 10 to maybe to 6 or 7.

aids will not restore your hearing and typically they are weakest with regards to speech in noise performance.

You may want to try some of the hearing aids with frequency lowering technology - Starkey, Phonak, etc. These take the high frequency sounds that you’re probably missing and instead of just amplifying them (which may lead to distortion, as in your case) they shift the sounds down to lower frequencies where you typically have more useable hearing.

I highly recommend Mike LeMay in Reno. Great guy, really knows his stuff.