Treatment stem cells hearing loss Costa Rica?

are being treated with stem cell hearing loss in Costa Rica, as I read the blog MS Views and News:: An MS Patients' Diary of his Stem Cell Therapy treatment ?
Is that correct? if you have more please share.



He got stem cells to improve Multiple Sclerosis. That disease attacks the body, including the ears. So treating Multiple Sclerosis treats the body itself and improves hearing. I don’t have Multiple Sclerosis but was born deaf.

Thought so. But as a reference to the inner ear and the evidence was in Israel so they said here, just in case it is also another experiment on the inner ear. Again, I have my doubts.
more … Was tested in Israel? Is regeneration of inner ear? Again, I have my doubts …
From a blog I found this:
"On Feb. 15-28th I return to Costa Rica for another treatment. ICM will be trying two new experimental treatments. One includes using the stem cell CD 133+ that was proven in Israel last Dec. to improve inner ear nerve hair growth. Since MS robbed my hearing we will now try a concentration of this stem cell to see what it can do. It was included in our original stem cell treatment and I have had to have my hearing aids turned down 4x.

Sincerely, Richard"

Very exciting how stem cells can treat all kinds of ailments and regenerate every cell in the body!He says it’s safer than any medicine/drug as well! I was wondering if the stem cells he got can improve/restore the hearing of people who were born deaf or became deaf for reasons other than Multiple Sclerosis. Can you find any more information on this and any idea when they will begin human clinical trials?

The HLAA doctors/experts think itll take 30 years before we see clinical trials in America. I really doubt this because we have already seen it working for this Multiple Sclerosis patient! Many other experts are giving it 5-10 years or a 2015-2020 timeframe. Im guessing that the Deaf culture is hoping there is no treatment/cure for deafness anytime soon. They hope it never happens in their lifetimes and say itll take 100 years before we see a cure, we will all be dead or very, very old by then.

¿cd 133+???

If you can find more blogs or info on this, link us!

Revoltella (2008)…


I dont think we are going to see any hearing loss cures in the next 30 years sadly to say…

deaf123 has an excellent response on his blog :
"I will post more sources when I find those. Also the fact this guy already got stem cell treatment and it worked on his MS and also improved his hearing. Id like to see what the scientist/doctors have to say about this success story that was made possible in the present(2009) I won’t say they are wrong, but am curious about the few cases where people got treated for deafness today.

If its already proven to work on humans today, why would it take 30, 40, 50 years for clinical trials? All we have to do is improve the safety and learn a few more things before we can perform it on a large number of humans in trials. You could get it done today except I won’t risk it as it’s too expermental. Id only risk a life saving procedure such as for MS or cancer".
source: A deaf dude's life: More information on stem cells to treat/cure deafness and diseases.


Any one know the progress of the gene therapy dr ug TherAtoh from GenVec ?


As for Genvec and Atoh1 or theratoh, I too am interested to know more, I would like this to take more positive news. Does anyone know about progress and new developments in genvec to cure deafness?

I was told by my ENT I think that Gene therapy was the leading candidate. He mentioned something about a modified virus being used for treatment delivery. At the very least, we know that technology is rapidly getting better. Within just a few years, we should have real time speaker independent speech recognition hopefully running on portable devices like laptops and for phones. This would have huge implications for us. We also have improvements in sound quality.