Trapped in Endless "Loop" With ReSound Smart 3D App

Just mentioning in case any other ReSound Smart 3D app users have experienced the same. Have really down-rated Smart 3D app in Google Play Store because of bad experience.

Very annoying glitch that happened while phone was sitting idle, untouched by me. Had removed HA’s for day, left Smart 3D app running while phone went to sleep. Next time I picked up my phone, the Smart 3D app had somehow entered DEMO mode, was in the subprogram in DEMO mode of walking user through HA pairing, and couldn’t be made to exit DEMO mode as a consequence.

First of all, a user normally can’t get into DEMO mode unless one hits the MORE tab (lower right of main screen) and then slides the DEMO mode option to ON - neither of which I did.

But having somehow got trapped in DEMO mode telling me to reboot my HA’s and enter pairing mode with the smartphone via the app, I couldn’t get out. I could attempt to cancel pairing, go to MORE tab, slide DEMO mode off, but as soon as I did that, the program jumped right back to commanding me to reboot my HA’s and place them by the phone. Perhaps if I’d just complied, I could have gotten out of that DEMO mode subprogram, then successfully canceled DEMO mode and been back in business.

Instead I went to Settings, Apps, Smart 3D app, and tried clearing the app cache. No luck. So I uninstalled the Smart 3D app, downloaded it again from the Google Play Store, and, Hurray!, no longer in DEMO mode - but I still had to repair my HA’s for real with my phone via the 3D app, anyway. So app wins in end, needlessly wasting my time and greatly inconveniencing me.

So, IMHO, it’s really terrible app programming to have a subprogram in DEMO mode (which is not supposed to be for real, right?!), that doesn’t let you cancel its action and then simply resume normal real life operation of your HA’s with the app. For me, that’s taking me from what has been a 5-star performance with the app on my Galaxy Note 8, to a failing grade of “F” on two counts - 1) mysteriously entering DEMO mode in the first place, and then, 2) having no way to exit DEMO mode without repairing one’s HA’s with one’s smartphone. Imagine being in a situation where you need to use your program for some reason but you can’t until you repair your HA’s! Perhaps it’s possible to do that while still wearing your HA’s by holding one’s phone up to one’s head after using the power button on either HA to reboot … But totally ridiculous app performance…

I had that happen 2-3 times some months back on iOS Smart 3D app. It was during the iPhone 11 / iOS 13 fiasco. Deleting app, reboot phone, reinstall app was the only fix.

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I guess my take is that most software has glitches. My general approach to “fixing” them is to figure out some variant of “turn it off. turn it back on again.” Crude, but unless we’re dealing with software that’s been tested for a NASA mission (and even that screws up sometime), there are going to be glitches. A tangent on NASA software. My son did an internship with them doing an AI study trying to predict based on users reports whether an issue was hardware or software related. The end result was the best bet was to always bet it was software regardless what the user thought.

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I have a KS8 and iPhone 7 with the Smart Direct Connexx app. What I have found is that for reasons I do not understand there are different levels of disconnect between the phone and the aids. The easiest one to recover from is when the app shows the aids are not connected, and are communicating in the sonic mode. Just touching the alarm icon usually fixes it. If it does not, then closing the app and restarting it usually works. If that does not work, the app does sometimes go into the demo mode. I take that as an indication that the app is not aware there are any paired hearing aids. If it gets to that degree of disconnect, what I do is go into the iPhone MFi screen and check to see if the aids are paired. They usually are not in this case. One can try to repair them in this screen, but it usually takes going down the screen and manually unpairing the aids, then opening the battery door to shut the aids down, and while they are sitting beside the phone closing the doors again. This is the process to pair the aids for the very first time. Once the aids pair with MFi then you can go into the app and repair the aids to the app.

Yep, it is complicated and makes no sense, but that seems to be the quirks of the beast. This all said, I have never gotten into a loop that I cannot get out of.

Are their updates to the Android system that you could install? Potentially that would be a fix, or I see the 3D app has not been updated since October, so perhaps it is at fault…

@Sierra - Your post inspired an amusing idea. Maybe I’ve put the cart before the horse. The actual problem is my HA’s somehow became unpaired and the Smart 3D app detected that and put me in DEMO mode to teach me how to repair my HA’s! Shades of Voltaire’s Candide and Dr. Pangloss, “We live in the best of all possible worlds…” Whatever happened which way, it shouldn’t have happened and getting trapped in a pairing demonstration in DEMO mode is bad programming.

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