Tracking / Normal / Watching option box unresponsive

I cannot change status on posts now. A new topic was posted and I wanted to change from Normal to Tracking and it does not respond. I tried one I am Tracking already and cannot make changes to that one either.

edit -

This new post is Watching and I want it as Tracking. Someone is playing in the control room again… :grinning:

Same here. (20 characters)

I was wondering if it was just me.

I am seeing similar with drop down boxes.
This is on an updated iPad. The desktop PC with Windows 10 does not have this issue.

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Mine is a Chrome browser on a Linux desktop. I’ll try with Safari on my Macbook later.

Drop-down menus are not working right now. We’re aware of the issue and it’s being looked into. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Maybe it was fixed? It works with Safari on MacBook,