Track helmets with cutout for hearing aids?

Anyone know of helmets that have a cutout or a lot of room for HAs? I’ve tried regular full face helmets and it wasn’t a great experience. This is mostly for autocross and some track events.

I’m using Shoei for road and AGV for track. I don’t wear the HAs on the track so can’t comment on the AGV but for road I always use a balaclava type head covering first. With that I’ve had no trouble getting the helmet on and off. YMMV.

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I have 3 AGV, 1 Sedici full face and 1 HJC modular helmets. I ride a 2019 Yamaha MT 10 and I put on about 12,000 miles a year. If your on a motorcycle or an open cockpit car I think you out of luck. I’ve managed to get my helmet on once with my behind the ear HA It’s pretty tricky. I wear earplugs all the time because the wind noise is so loud without HA. With HA on, it was insane. Every time I am exposed to loud noise for any extended period of time, my hearing deteriorates even further for a few days until it recovers. I was a musician for 40 years and I retired from it for this exact reason. I’ve got to much damage and too little hearing left to chance more damage.

I never wear aids when on the bike. #1 amplification of loud noises can be harmful. #2 No benefit at all to wearing them. None #3 chances of loosing them are high especially when removing or putting helmet on.

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