Total newbie to site and HAs. Help please!

Hello, I’ve had hearing loss for some time, but until this week had never tried HAs. I went to an audi and my audiogram is set forth below. Audi fitted me with Audigy AGX9 HAs during visit and the difference was quite noticeable - so much so that I’m convinced that HAs would improve my life. I know I have to ask people to repeat themselves a lot and I’m sure they’ve noticed it too.

But the price of the AGX9s ($6500/pair) has sent me looking for other options, but the many choices leave me rather confused. I’d appreciate suggestions as to brands/models (should I get open fit or open fit RITE?)/seller. I’ve seen the self-programmable ones on the internet and am aware of Costo. As a first timer, would I be better paying audi’s price to get service? Thanks in advance for any help!



Pres. level/55/60

You will be surprised that I am also unaided though I am nearly prfound in high frequencies.

I am seriously getting aids soon. I was completely wrong when I postponed this and let my hearing go worse.

My advice is that you don’t rush now. You hve waited for long time, so few more weeks , to gt the right aids, will be so much helpful.

Friends here will tell you if you were over quoted( I think so), or not.

For your tyle of hearing loss, you can get good aids for 4000 -5000 maximum.

Again, my advice is that you compare between aids and see which will more suit you. You will hear that you should consider Phonak becasue they have the sound recover and their aids are among the best. Maybe people will suggest Oticon most improved aids, RE sound, or maybe Starky if you want CIC.

list your preferences and explain your life style and people will help you.

You better post this not here ,but on the hearing aid discussion or digital hearing aid threads.

Thank you for your kind reply. I am trying not to be in a hurry, yet now that I’m focused on the improvements that are possible it does occupy a lot of my thoughts. My lifestyle is fairly active – at least from a sound point of view. I need help in restaurants, parties, etc where there is a background of many voices, especially with female and child voices, and whispers. Regarding TV, music, I now know from my trial that a much fuller sound is available with aid.

I’ll also post where you’ve indicated. Again, thank you. Bill

Micahsh, my audiogram is very similar to yours, and I agonized for several weeks over what aids to get. My company provides a lifetime allowance of $5000 for HAs, and I was concerned that if I spent it all now, I wouldn’t have any money left in a few years to replace them.

Well, I decided that if I worried too much about the future, I’d be shortchanging myself in the present, and who knows if I’ll be with my company that long anyway. So, I decided on getting the Phonak Audeo Smart Vs. This is the middle-of-the-road performance line for this model. Since I didn’t think the feature differences between the Vs and the IXs (the highest-performing Smart line) warranted that much more money, (the IXs were $6500 for the pair, and the Vs were $5200), I went with the Vs, which kept me close to my $5000 budget.

I’ve had my HAs 5 weeks now, and I’m completely satisfied. I can tell a major difference in conversation understandability compared to before. The optional iCom bluetooth tool that goes with them was well worth the extra money, too (around $200?). I can easily answer cell phone calls at the touch of a button, and hear my calls very well in both ears. I can also plug my MP3 player into it, and the stereo sound quality is excellent! One reason I chose these over the Oticon brand, is because Oticon’s don’t stream in stereo. I think even my phone calls are transmitted to my HAs in stereo.

I have had very few problems with the Phonaks. At first, I was using the remote to turn up and down the volume a lot, but my Audi told me that it wasn’t necessary, and that the HAs would eventually control the volume for me automatically, and they truly have. I only use the remote (called a myPilot) to switch programs. I like being able to easily change volume with the remote (which I rarely do now), and being able to mute them with it easily (in very loud situations like when I play my trumpet).

I must also say I love the music program on these aids as well, and this program makes the music really come alive in a way I haven’t heard in a long time.

Check out the product features on their site at:

If you have any more questions, please let me know, I’d be happy to help!

check your options, but don’t get analysis paralysis. Definitely go to your closest Costco. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I started to say that I’m guilty of over analyzing, but I get more hung up on the cost.

I would not pay $6,500 for the Audigy brand. IMO they are over priced.

If you have a Costco near you that has a hearing aid department, I’d try them. You get 90 day trials.

I have just gotten the new AGX9 aids and I love them, and i have an very active lifestyle, Ive used to not wanna go out to clubs, parties and what not… i have been wearing em for over 28 yrs and im 30 now and they def changed my life for the better… I know theyre pricey but you get a 3 yr warranty too, and for me thats what sold me as like i said very active outside and going places all the time to different noise situations, ive used to say huh what all the time and now that went down over 60% Im satified! I have severe hearing in left ear and profound in my right ear, I had to adapt in the past, but now that changed alot with the new AGX9 aids!

Alan: Do you write ad copy in your work. Your glowing report sounds almost professional. Ed

I’ve worn devices for about eight years now and can tell you that the right device makes all the difference in the world. I obtained my most recent set of aides at Costco, someplace I would have never thought of looking at before reading the posts on this group. They are every bit as professional as anyone else I’ve ever been to and the price points are thousands below what my former audi planned on charging me. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

Any of these devices take some time to get used to and some adjustments along the way. Stick with it and enjoy.