Tooth infection & hearing loss?

Has anyone ever had an abscess in one of their upper teeth that has caused a plugged up stuffy feeling in their whole nose & ear area? I had a root canal done & am on antibiotics, so hopefully this will all go away soon. The feeling is similar to getting plugged up ears at high elevations. I am concerned because I am due to visit my audi for a hearing test soon (I already am severly HI), but I don’t want to do the test feeling like this. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


I’ve had an upper front tooth abcess for a long time and it has been treated intermittently. Recently I’ve resumed medications and as the abcess drains and my sinuses clean out I feel my hearing improve. (I have severe hearing loss due to otosclerosis - conductive loss- and some sensory-neural loss.)
Perhaps you should wait until the infection and inflammation has cleared up before you take the hearing tests. I’m convinced that tooth problems can impact on hearing. My doctor reckons so, too.
Good luck,

Casuarina ~ thanks for your thoughts ~ I have rescheduled my appt for two weeks from now. I’m feeling a lot better & have noticed an improvement in my hearing since I’ve been on antibiotics, so hopefully will feel even better in two weeks.


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