Tomorrow I Go for My CI Evaluation

I was with a Veteran at the VA Audiology clinic when he was seeing the Audi the first time. The Veteran was almost total deaf. The Audi was typeing on the computer so the Veteran could read what he was saying, and they were talking about the implants. The Vet said this sounds so permenant and the Audi said yes, but your hearing loss is also permenant. This sunk home with me even.
My Audi said that the VA will do the implants, and the VA likes to do them before someone completely loses the capacity to understand speech. He said it makes it easier to adapt to the implant.


Sorry to be late on this, I was away from the internet for a while.

I am two weeks and a couple of days post activation. I missed my one week follow up due to weather and the next day the had is March 1st, so I am still on the original settings and some options have not been turned on yet. I have a Starkey Muse 2400 in the other ear. To start with I had 100% hearing in quite, but 20% combined for both ears in noise, oddly each ear scored just under 40% in noise individually.

So right now everyone sounds kind of like robotic chipmunks, and it can be tough to differentiate them if I just use the CI. There is a not more noise in the world then I recall. My keyboard is loud, my mouse actually makes clicks, people talk in my office, and the furnace is as loud as my wife complains about.

On the other hand, I can tell that I am understanding better. I can sometimes understand my wife from another room. I watch recorded lectures on line and can often do without the captions. I can understand the lyrics in music. Now that isn’t perfect, the music is obviously high pitched and singer’s sound wrong. Picture the Eagles as 5 year olds, Louis Armstrong as a tenor, and Joy to The World (Three Dog Night version) as sung by contraltos. But I can understand them.

Others have also seen it just in my ability to participate in meetings, I am not working as hard to understand so I can deal more with what is actually being said.

My final verdict, even if it never adjusts towards “normal” (and I am told that it will) I am probably going to go bilateral.

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Does this mean you plan to have a second CI?

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Assuming the insurance company agrees, that is the plan.

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@pathurley How is your residual hearing? Kinda surprised with the CI given your audiogram honestly.

@pathurley You audiogram is better than mine, unless you have an updated one and haven’t updated it. It took me a bit before I had the chance to update mine from 2018 to where it is now when it was done last month. I was talking CI’s and everyone was answering me by asking why I was talking about implants when my audiogram didn’t indicate I needed it. I had a hard time dealing with the loss.

I’m glad that at this early point, your implant is working out for you. That’s awesome! Robotic chipmunks as you describe. That has to be interesting.

Let me add a little about myself that could affect my experience. I believe I’ve mentioned that I’m a type 1 diabetic and that I have nerve damage in my left ear and I’m using a hearing aid to hear. I don’t think that I have mentioned that because of the diabetes, I’m visually disabled in my right eye. So this brings some of the fear I’ve been feeling. I can still see some out of my right eye, but I can’t use it for driving or working. That’s done using my left eye which has normal acuity. I guess the mantra is that you make adjustments and you adapt.

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Given the interest and so as not to derail this thread, I have started one on my own journey here:

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