Tomorrow I Go for My CI Evaluation

Thank you for sharing your evaluation. So very helpful. I am glad it was not difficult for you.

MDB has given you some great advice. To go along with his comments you see the same thing on this forum. There is a percentage of members here who tend to fall into what he describes. We all have to deal with issues in life. The loss of hearing is just one of them.

My concerns about a CI would be the science/mechanical part of the process, not the mental part of it.

Keep us posted.
Thanks again for sharing.


Debbie - good luck with doctor visit and I suggest you follow “youbgone” great suggestion to join a local support group to get first hand experience on CI’s.

Due to the high cost of a CI which is covered in the U.S. (almost 100%) you’ll find most qualified medical practices at your door step wanting to do the CI surgery/implant. That’s not to say you might not need it or that it won’t improve your hearing level. Most times a CI does improve hearing level especially if someone is deaf or close to it. But life unfortunately is driven by “money” and when a CI can cost $70,000, $80,000, $100,000 plus - you have to factor in the “greed” part a little (into the equation) along with the medical benefits.

What’s also tricky is picking the CI manufacturer, since there are not many and a few have gone out of business over the years. Hopefully you doctor can explain the differences between the various manufacturers.

Good luck

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@hold4triple Thank you for yhe good advice. What I wanted to mention quickly since I’m at work is the manufacturer that the practice deals most with is Cochlear. The implant being considered is the same implant that I believe @Deaf_piper has, the Nucleus 7. I have been given a book on it. The one thing that I’m going to start a new thread on is the GN Resound hearing aids since they are the only HA that syncs with the CI. I bought Phonak M90’s, but I’m still in my 45 day trial. I know nothing about the Resounds.

Hold off on the M90’s (or compare with) Phonak new Naida/marvel Super Power hearing aid which is supposed to come out later this month. You’ll find the new Naida marvel should give you more power/gain then the M90’s.

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Are those going to have bluetooth? II can’t remember. I might be confusing them with the cros that I believe don’t have the bluetooth. It was also mentioned to me molds might be an answer because of sound leaks on the double domes, but not sure I’m a person that would like molds. Would the Naida work with a Cochlear Nucleus implant?

The Naida should do everything the M90’s do, but be more suited for someone with a severe to profound hearing loss. Regarding ear molds - you’ll like them far more than a CI. HA’s as far as I know don’t work in conjunction with CI but maybe things have changed. Step one - wait for Naida Marvel and test. Step two go meet with a CI support group and asks questions.

Good Luck

@debbie_o Phonak can work with the N7 but its a bit hit and miss and takes a bit of fiddling. And you have to have a receiver screwed into the bottom of the battery somehow. If you choose the standard batteries this adds weight to the processor. If you choose the compact batteries it should be ok.

The N7 is geared to stream directly with the Resound 3D range and IOS phone. The Linx Quattro will also with a bit of fiddling work and stream directly. If you have an android phonies your mapping Audi will have the software to install on your phone so that will work and allow it to stream for you. I love my Resound bimodal system. It’s fantastic one you have the balance equal.
Ignore the doubters above, some were not supportive of my decision either., and for me it’s the best decision I ever made.
I’m happy to answer any questions via the message system. Don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck at you Drs appointment.


@Deaf_piper I’m trying to reach the audi in my ENT’s office. I called yesterday, she returned my call, but as I was on my way out of another dr appt having nothing to do with my hearing and I couldn’t get the HA to connect to the call. I’d like to trial the left aid of a Resound. I’ve found I’m not liking the sound of my Oticon OPN. It sounds like there’s too much treble or high frequency compared to the Phonaks.

@debbie_o I love my Enzo2 it’s not the 3D type so I have to have the phone clip to stream. That’s the only one our Government would issue pensioners.

But the Enzo is the one that comes in the 3D, in the 3 stages of technology 5, 7,& 9, the 9 being the most advanced level of technology available in the 3D. The 3D being the direct streaming model.

I had Phonak all my HA life. After my SSHL my Aud could never get it adjusted right, to suit my loss. I find the Enzo has more power than the Phonak and I like the sound it gives but I’m still profoundly deaf in high frequencies. So it makes judging sound difficult.

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My understanding is that very little of that money goes to the ENT. It’s a pretty quick procedure too and doesn’t require overnight stay so not a lot goes to the hospital. I think it would be very satisfying to be able to greatly improve somebody’s hearing with a surgical procedure and would think that would be the biggest motivation.


@Deaf_piper I stopped by the audi in my ENT’s office after the visit with the neurosurgeon that is doing my implant. I was surprised, the doctor had a great sense of humor. My ENT gave me a heads up on his personality, I got the impression he had a dry very straightforward doctor personality. So I felt comfortable with him. Anyway, I’ve drifted from the subject. I have an appointment to see the audi Monday about the Resound HA. She’s going to let me demo one. The audi I saw yesterday thinks a mold will give me better clarity. Now I’ll have to return my M90 HA. I’m still in my trial return period.


@MDB You are right about what you wrote. For some reason, this doctor likes to do the procedure in the hospital. You would think this type of procedure would be more suited to those day surgery places. A lot are connected to a hospital or even in a doctors professional building next door to a hospital.

The procedure takes 55 minutes. And agree about that is a motivating factor. You can’t hear anything, so you get an implant that gives you the chance to hear from your bad side again. It gives you balance and hearing from both sides is an advantage over hearing from one side.


@debbie_o that’s excellent news. Do some research on the Resound website. You need to hit the professional pages hidden in the website to find all that stats. And what level of technology you purchase the 5, 7 or 9.

What array did you and your Dr decide to use for the implant?

I agree with @MDB it’s so true. Being able to hear again is so important, all the doubters just have no clue what it’s like. If you eventually go Bilateral you will be so lucky. I can’t as my L ear has been like this for over 6 decades. My surgeon said it’s unlikely I’ll get a good result.

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Good luck. Personally I won’t have one. Turned the suggestion down in the past.

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I would be all for anything to allow me to understand speech better regardless of how it sounded.


@Deaf_piper Not sure what you mean by array. I tried looking that up on the website and I think I got onto the provider pages. I decided on the Nucleus 7. Didn’t read all the way through the book the audi gave me on Tuesday before I saw the doctor yesterday. I asked him how many channels the implant had because I had watched a video on You Tube last week and it compared the difference in how speech would sound between several different channels. The more channels the easier to figure out what is being said. He told me 22 channels. Then I read the book further and there was my answer, 22 channels. Duh!

@cvkemp Chuck, I know what you mean. I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time understanding speech.

I should have known something might have been going wrong with my right ear. I seemed to be asking “what did you say?” more than usual when not hearing my hearing aids. When I was wearing them, I started asking the same question. I thought it was time to get my aids re-programmed or time for new aids altogether. It’s a different feeling to seemingly hear fine one day and then the next, your hearing is gone. At least it seemed like it because the hearing in my left ear was limited and it took me three days to pop my left HA in my left to see if I could hear speech at all.

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Good luck with your ci I’m not there yet but at the appointment before my most recent one they did say they needed to monitor my hearing as if it dropped much more i might need a ci currently feel like i’ve got a bit more hearing lost due to many infections over 2018 and 2019 caused by being allergic to my current domes on my hearing aids and also I’ve been told by ent that i have very narrow ear canals which is not helping with managing my irritation. Will be getting a hearing test on march the 19th when i go for my mould impressions so will see where it goes from there as the appointment this time is not just at my ent hospitals hearing aid centre but with the audiology adult rehabilitation clinic

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@debbie_o the array is the internal part that they implant into the Cochlear. The bit that has the 22 electrodes. I have the 522 (slim straight) it’s a full length array. So if in 4 years time my residual decides to drop out on me, I won’t need to be re implanted again, because I already have a full length array. You will have one of the newer MRI safe arrays and it will start with a 6…


I do not have a CI so from that perspective I do not have any insights. But from the question/fear about whether you will like the ultimate result - I recall reading that the BAHA system has a headband type option that could be used for trials that would help to simulate the sound. Not sure how available, when they offer it and/or costing. I have also read recently about a product called ADHEAR and while that company Medal (I believe) also has implant options the ADHEAR product is a conduction device that is not an implant/not permanent. Again,no idea about cost.
All of that aside, as I have Meniere’s which destroys the hearing I have communicated on message boards with numerous people that have had the CI implant and LOVE it.

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