Today’s laugh!

Oh how I can relate to this, hubby had had his HA’s now for 12months. Rarely wears them as he can’t get them in properly, more often than not they fall out and I find a cat chasing them around the house. I’m so sick of telling him to put them in…


Well for me the TV comes on and I mute my aids, I can’t stand Modern TV.

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That is a great cartoon!

You / he is lucky the cat only bats it around and doesn’t bite in, damaging it beyond repair. That is a very common occurrence with hearing aid wearers who live with cats.

If he used otoclips, at least when the hearing aid falls out of his ear, it stays with him and doesn’t get lost. Lots of colors and options, see here:


@Freedom those clips look great. But he already has his glasses on a string. If he had to add another string around his neck it could have all sorts of added unwanted issues.

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I shared this cartoon on my link today…My wife was not amused…She always says I have “selective” hearing…

Well you can use that to your advantage then…:rofl::joy: