TMJ/ear molds issues

Hi, I don’t know where to start. I’m profoundly deaf. I have been wearing both digital hearing aids for a while, and they’re all right.

Anyway, my concern is I have severe TMJ. Every time I get new ear mold for my left ear, it creates feedback. I mean, every time. I have never had any problem with my right earmold at all. I do miss my old audio from out of state. She is extremely patient, and had tried everything to ensure my left earmold fits, so it won’t create feedback. My other TWO audios have had been very frustrated and kept making new earmolds over and over again, and ALL of them still cause feedback!

My ear molds are small to fit into my canal ears. I tried regular earmold so many times. The feedback was so awful. If it were not for severe TMJ, I would not have to deal with this horrible feedback. I am forced to turn down the volume, so it is the way to reduce feedback, but I am not happy with it. I barely hear my voice, and can’t hear quiet sounds anymore. Is there any type of ear mold out there that can handle TMJ and try to not cause feedback?

Do you have lots of motion IN your TMJ? If that’s the case then you will need something that flexes well but easily returns to its original shape. Starkey produce a silicone mould carved shell that is basically like a high power shell with the inside carved out. Its also called a Digi-mould or a laser carved mould by some makers.

I’d be tempted to start with one of these, coupled with an open and closed jaw impression to locate the mould better to start with.


Oh, yes. I do have lots of motion in my TMJ. Blah. I have tried open and closed jaw impressions before.

I have never heard of Digi-mould, but I will look it up. Thanks for answering.

I have been looking with interest at this: (You have to click on the top where it says “new tandem earmould click to view” cos the popup doesn’t link properly). I don’t know how you can actually get it commercially, but as a development it’s very exciting for people with hypermobile jaws.

Perhaps you could try the contact us button and see if they are doing these commercially in your area and what kind of impression they need? They seem to be a UK company so that may be tricky for you, but it’s worth asking in case they have a partner in the US (if that is where you are).

My jaw moves a very long way from side to side, which I can feel if I put my smallest finger into my ear canal compared to the movement of someone whose mouth just goes open and shut, and I have always had pain and movement from earmoulds.