TinyLSTMs: Efficient Neural Speech Enhancement for Hearing Aids

If you follow the link for audio samples, you’ll find them under a subdirectory named ‘BoseCorp’. What that implies I don’t know.

I believe some of the authors work for Bose, or that Bose paid for this research. I learned about it from a Bose employee.

Yes, Bose is working on multiple OTC hearing aids in their Bose Health division so I guess this is related to that.

Are these available for persons using Bi-Cros (for hearing in only 1 ear) systems?

I didn’t read the whole technical article. But for those who read it and understood it, does this mean that this technology, that wouldn’t previously fit in a standard HA, can now be expected to show up in the near future in regular HAs?

My understanding is that they have worked out a way to add modern speech isolation algorithms to smaller devices that use small batteries (like hearing aids)… with very little latency / lag.

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