Tinnitus Worse with First Time HAs

Hi, we need some feedback. My hubby just got his new HAs a week ago. He is wearing them almost full time now, i.e., except for when he sleeps and showers. The problem is now, his tinnitus seems to be worse than before. Is this common? Is this part of the acclimation period and will subside at some point soon? :frowning:

this is comon, i would also suggest Neuromonics, this treatment reduces
tinitus significant check them out!

If it is any help: I also suffer with Tinnitus. For me, it is drastically reduced when I put my HA’s ON. But what I also do is to use a “white noise maker” in the bedroom and keep my HA’s in until just about to drop off to sleep. In this way I get a nice loud white noise that cancels out the Tinnitus. A white noise maker in my case is one of those small radio like devices that play sounds of the ocean; waves breaking on the beach. Or a stream of water or the birds in a jungle. Use which ever one that is most pleasing to you. I expect you are aware of diet items that can make Tinnitus worse in some people. (I am not a doctor or hearing specialist; just a fellow sufferer that has found how to deal with Tinnitus in my case.