Tinnitus treatment/help

My ENT doctor recently gave me a brochure (sp?) from a company called Arches that sells a tinnitus formula containing ginko, zinc, and garlic. He said it seems to help some people. He didn’t really give any big endorsement–just said to take it for three months and if it didn’t help to discontinue it. Has anyone out there tried this formula with any success?

If it works, let me/us know!


I tried Gingko years ago when it was first punted as a potential tinnitus treatment. Did nothing for me.

Arches Tinnitus Relief Formula has been around for a while now. I’ve tried it for longer then the reccomended three months with no relief. I have also tried their new formula “Tinnitus DX” with no relief either. That being said, the web site for Arches Tinnitus does have a great section called “quiet times” where you can get a lot of info about tinnitus.

You might do some research on a drug call “pramipexole” which some people have had good success in relieving their “T”

It’s all bunk. There is no scientific or medical proof that these supplements do anything different than placebos. They are often very expensive and do nothing. I had a patient recently who spent over $300 on some pills with a “money back guarantee” and he had to threaten suing them to actually get his money back.

Be VERY wary of doing any of these.

The other side of this is that some of the contents of some of these “cures” can be dangerous. Ginko, for instance can cause blood thinning and for a person who is already on drugs such as coumadin, in could be deadly! Talk to your doctor before trying any of these.

If I could find a cure for ‘T’, I would be a really wealthy person.
Gene therapy seems the best and most logical way forward in the long run.
For now, probably the best we can do is TRT (tinnitus retraining Therapy).
Sad but True. I would love to be proved wrong!

Here is another probable money-drainer.


Because the tinnitus has a tendency to drive me batty (whose doesn’t?), my doctor gave me an Rx for a very mild sedative. Its nerve calming abilities does indeed quite the ringing. It doesn’t turn it off, but makes it more tolerable.

This is really the only medication “treatment” of tinnitus that is known to help. Glad it takes the edge off things. I have normal hearing but tinntus 24/7 and sometimes it really does drive me bonkers.

I have taken all three of the mentioned remedies at the same time for a long period of time and they were of no help to me. I just think that most of us have to learn to live with Tinnitus; when I feel like a jet plane is sitting next to me engines at full strength, I just try to get interested in TV or reading. At first, I had my family running all over the house looking for all the strange sounds that I hear; in fact all appliance were turned off for them to be sure that nothing was making a noise that I was hearing. I always hear sounds in both ears and not the same sound in each ear; at times, like now they are a bit calm, oh strike that, I thought the furnace was running and just checked and it is just my left ear running. :slight_smile: Oh well, as long as we can laugh and cope with it, we should be thankful. :slight_smile:

Hey ofallongrandma, I’m sorry to hear that you are going through tinnitus. I read somewhere that while there is no cure for tinnitus, many people find relief by wearing a hearing aid. I wouldn’t waste any money on these supplements but would suggest you see an audiologist. They treat hearing loss and tinnitus as well.

I think that most of us on this site wear hearing aids and they have not helped my tinnitus at all; just hear better and that was all that I expected.

I have a lot of will power and a sense of humor and I think that has helped me deal with tinnitus most days. I wear hearing aids and tell people that I might not hear what they are saying, and I laugh and tell them that I do hear things that they do not. I usually can take my mind off of the awful sounds that I hear by getting interested in a good book or a favorite television program. Also, I like to play computer games that stimulate my brain and that helps me not to be so aware of the tinnutis. Some nights, I do take sleeping pills so that I can sleep as when things get real quiet, the tinnitus is more likely to really get to me. I never had tinnitus until after going through chemo and radiation and I feel that caused my tinnitus and hurt my hearing as I never had a hearing problem prior to the treatments. Oh well, whatever caused it seems to be with all of us for our lifetime and we just have to deal with it in our own ways that work best for us. Sometimes we just have to make lemonade! :slight_smile: