Tinnitus Sound Reduction!


I recently reduced my sodium intake, dramatically, after realizing just how much I had been ingesting this past year. Blood pressure was the main reason for this dietary change. After 6 weeks of reducing my sodium to between 300mg & 700mg daily, I realized I had over done it. My tinnitus had increased in volume by 50% & had become constant. There were other noticeable changes in my body too & after researching the effect of too low sodium and sodium deficiency on the body, I increased my sodium to 1500mg and for the first 7 days I lowered my water intake so not to wash away (urinate) the added sodium. I’m happy to report that all the negative changes to my body corrected themselves. Surprisingly, my tinnitus has not only toned back down, it is also not flaring up as much. There may very well be a link between sodium intake and tinnitus. I just know that last year my sodium intake was way above what any human should ingest and my tinnitus was a constant in my life. Now, I have actually found myself forgetting about having it. Before finding this forum I was just looking for any current research/researcher doing studies on tinnitus.
Bottom line… Reducing Sodium in your diet could possibly Help You.

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Or maybe you just forgot about it? Like I did. :slight_smile:




I think you are correct about diet, I have noticed caffeine will cause mine to really start ringing.



I notice my tinnitus most when I am under stress. Driving a car in heavy traffic is one thing that acts as a trigger in my case. Most of the time (when not under stress) I don’t notice my tinnitus at all or very little.

I also find that my tinnitus is less noticeable (to the point where I forget about it) when I am wearing hearing aids.