Tinnitus - Should It Be 95% Gone When Hearing Aids are Being Worn?

Should my tinnitus be almost completely “gone” when wearing my HAs? I got new aids yesterday. My surroundings seem really “airy” (like a constant seashell) while wearing them. My tinnitus is better with the HAs in but still a nuisance. What needs to be done to the HAs to make this better?

The first audiologist I worked with let me try a pair of Oticon Alta Pro. When I put them in the tinnitus went away completely. I found a different audiologist closer to home and much more open about the whole hearing aid process and how they work which I really like versus “I am the professional”. The new audi put me in a pair of Unitron Moxi Kiss 20’s and the experience is nowhere near the first-time of the Oticon’s with the previous audiologist. Is this a programming issue? I know the HA’s are currently programmed to increase their programming by 5% (can’t remember if the rate is weekly or monthly)?

I feel the issue is with the programming but I am afraid I made a mistake going with the audi closer to home but I am also known as an impatient person who doesn’t like to go back and fix things which seems to be completely contradictory to how the HA process works. The new audi was really highlighting the fact the Oticon’s have only 16 channels while the Moxi’s have 20 channels and it allows for more flexibility in programming. Do more channels make for a better HA?

Thanks for all the help!

Report from 3/14/2024

250 - 20 - 25
500 - 20 - 20
1000 - 20 - 20
1500 - 25 - 25
2000 - 25 - 25
3000 - 30 - 30
4000 - 40 - 30
6000 - 60 - 45
8000 - 55 - 45

   L    R

SRT - 10 - 20
MCL - 45 - 55
WRS - 88 - 96

Some people are helped by tinnitus maskers which cover-up the tinnitus and make it more tolerable. The masker acts as a distraction, but the tinnitus is never really “gone”. The Oticon Alta doesn’t have a tinnitus feature at all. The Moxi Kiss and Moxi2 Kiss do. Make sure you’re getting the newer Moxi2 at this point. You can speed up the adaptation manager by opening and closing the battery door multiple times. Each power cycle advances the clock by about 12 hours. More channels do allow for more flexibility in adjusting the frequency response, but in reality, most people make adjustments using only 3 broad channels: low, medium, and high.

Thanks Rasmus! Is there a way I tell the difference between a Moxi and Moxi2 other than looking at the label on the box?

Look on the underside of the hearing aid or check with your audi.

when i wore my first pair of hearing aids, basic CICs from precision ear, my tinnitus was gone when I was wearing them. Now I wear more expensive bte hearing aids, and they don’t seem to mask the tinnitus, possibly because they aren’t as amped overall so environmental noise isn’t occupying my brain away from the tinnitus.