Tinnitus program you have to try!

Ran across this website that I must share! http://www.audionotch.com/faq#who. If you go to FAQ under the question “how do i use audionotch” there is a link to a self tester. You can use a slide bar to match tone to the sound that you hear. While I was messing with it I actually heard the squeal in my right ear (worst one) go away. It’s amazing! I’m hoping that we can use this in audiologist’s office which would allow her to know exactly what I’m hearing. It would make it so much easier to set up the tinnitus program in my hearing aids. If you have tinnitus please give it a try. Would love to know if other tinnitus sufferers have the same experience I had while playing with it.

I tried the Audionotch.com and signed up for their one week trial. I created many soundtracks and downloaded it to my music player. The audiologist would be a better person to make tones to match your tinnitus sounds.

I couldn’t agree more! However hearing aids are new to me and we are still in the “tweaking” phases–trying to find out what works and what doesn’t which involves making changes, living with them for a little while in the real world, then readjusting. It’s time consuming. Not trying to do my audi’s job for her, just thinking this could be a useful tool in allowing her to actually hear those tones I’ve found that make a difference and hopefully cut out some of that readjustment time.

Went to Costco for my new hearing aids last week. Talked with the guy there about treatment for tinnitus and he said a lot of people report improvement in their tinnitus after they get hearing aids but he was unfamiliar with any programs that you would add to a hearing aid to “match tones”. I bought two Rexton Quintras and so far have not noticed much improvement with the tinnitus. I like this website and I think I found my tone (3690) but have not put the cash down yet…glad there is something out there…


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I didn’t fork out the dough for the program, just used it to match the tone I hear most often in my head. I used the program while I was in my audiologist’s office and she was then able to match what she heard to the tinnitus program for my hearing aids. Saved some programming time for sure. I’ve also used it with my family and it’s made tinnitus much more real to them because they can “hear” what I hear all the time.

Thanks for posting - it’s an interesting experiment.

I plan to do that as well.

Along similar lines (not related to tinnitus) someone posted information here a while ago about a hearing loss simulator. Also a great way for the family to learn what we hear (or don’t!).

Here’s the link to that simulator:

I tried AudioNotch, and it did not work for me despite listening three times a day for at least 30 minutes each session. They do have a 30-day money-back guarantee … which I used. They very politely refunded my money with no problem at all. It was an interesting process, and I guess it works for many, but I guess it’s not supposed to work if hearing loss is moderate or greater.

For me the tones I use has been just me trying everything I can think of to find something that works, and it finally came down to be just white noise that works best for me. I have a app on my IPhone that I use to stream the white noise to my hearing aids, I also have a white noise sound machine in my bedroom that is on all the time, it is the only way that I can sleep.

Chuck, do you find that streaming to your iPhone uses a lot of battery life? I guess you have the Oticon Alta without built-in Tinnitus support?

It’s funny, the audi I saw at Kaiser suggested a Sleep Pillow with built in white noise, but I thought he said “leap” pillow, because I don’t hear “S.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I change my hearing aid batteries every Sunday morning, so they never a really dead. This was a suggestion by my Audi because I was noticing that my hearing was not as good when my batteries were get close to going dead. My streamer last over 8 hrs on average. But if I am streaming all day long the streamer battery will last about 5-6 hours. My IPhone battery I charge every night.

My tinnitus is much worse in my left ear because of 40 years flying a prop plane with the left cockpit widow open…before we understood that it was bad for the ears.

Both ears seem to have the same frequency, about 6200Hz, according to this program. When I hit 6200 triangle tooth wave it goes silent. Totally silent! The frequency seems to vary over a very short time and over a range of 6000 to 6500.

I did find that when I started taking Xarelto (Blood thinner) the level in my right ear went to almost zero in the morning but by bedtime it is back up about 10%

When I used the program to find the frequency I was surprised to find that after finding it, the tinnitus was gone for several minutes, after just a few seconds of listening to the silence.

I found it difficult to find a tone that matches my tinnitus. I seem to have multiple tones in stereo kinda like twin car horns with one of them being at 5700 along with a higher frequency random cricket sound.

Db/Hz 250 500 750 1k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
Left 25 35 35 35 45 60 65 75 85
Right 25 35 40 40 40 65 70 85 80

How does the website compare to aids that have a tinnitus program built in, like the Resound LiNX2?

I too am curious of the ‘built in tinnitus programs’ some HA have, and I am eager to find out when I get my Signia Cellion primax 5px next week.
Does anyone have any feed back on this topic ?

Here is another site to find your tinnitus frequency > http://tinnitussynergy.com/tinnitus-frequency-test-page/ Mine is = 5300 Hertz


I have the Oticon OPN with a built in tinnitus program. I put the ocean soundscape for the tinnitus program. My tinnitus isn’t too bad, mostly acts up at night. The tinnitus program is mildly distracting. I prefer Relax Melodies which is an iPhone app because I can change the atmospheric sounds as I please. I usually listen to that at night with earbuds.

I will have the Notch Therapy for my tonal tinnitus programed at my next week appointment.
Static Noise, Ocean Wave, and Notch Therapy are available in most Signia primax™ hearing instruments.

The other programs… Static noise and Ocean sounds are for distraction or mask where as the Notch Therapy has had further testing and offers a more promising result in reducing or “may” eliminate tonal tinnitus … I have read… however, it may take several months.

I am looking forward to get this program working , the sooner the better.