Tinnitus Notch Therapy


Hey , by No means am I an expert on the topic, but this is my experiences thus far from reading and asking questions.

All the hype of HAs offering a Tinnitus Program is all and good, however, the ‘sounds’ in the programs are usually white, pink, brown…noises or sometimes others offer ocean waves as well.

All these ‘noises’ are only a “mask” and will not cure any tinnitus , its only a mask relieving the person from the continuous annoying ringing momentarily while the noise is being heard.
Some people find some relief of a lessened tinnitus after using the ‘noise’ programs, but usually does not last very long .

Notch Therapy is a way to notch out the frequency of the tinnitus. Tinnitus is usually 5 dB’s above your threshold and that is why it is so predominant. When the Notch Therapy is used they are raising the amplification around the Tinnitus frequency, without amplifying the Tinnitus frequency, therefore we have a notch.
Notch Therapy is simply a program tailored for the listener creating a ‘notch’ around the frequency of ringing in the person’s ears. Once that ‘frequency’ has been discovered (by testing) it then can be played back through sounds, music or words with the Notch in place.

There are programs that you can use to test your ‘tinnitus frequency’ and then create sounds or music to be streamed to your HAs . See here > AudioNotch You can created your own sounds with a notch then save it to be used at your own pleasure, that way you do not have to pay for a long membership. At $39.95 for 2 months you should be able to make all the “sounds or music” you’ll ever need.
A tinnitus Notch therapy program should be an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It does take weeks before most see any reduction or longer , in some cases people have reported a total tinnitus gone.

Myself, I have Signia Cellion HAs as Signia is the ‘Only HA Company’ that offers the Notch Therapy built into their HAs.
When activated, anything I stream or hear though the HA microphones is All being filtered through the ‘Notch’ suited for my needs.
I am looking forward to reducing or eliminating my continual tonal tinnitus @ 5300HRz

hope this helps


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DenMc - how’s the therapy going? Is your Signia system changing (reducing or eliminating) your tinnitus? or just masking the tinnitus?

I’ve tried several notch therapy systems (a looping audio recording created using my “notch”), but so far they’ve only slightly relieved my tinnitus for a few minutes after use. Haven’t seen any long term positive results yet.

Tom M.

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I am interested on knowing if you have success with the notch therapy.



I do apologise for not posting sooner… so sorry.

It has taken some time for me to get a good fit.
All because I tried the custom moulds, hoping for a better hearing experience.
I was diligent by giving long periods between different settings, fittings etc…

I kept going back to open domes. For me it all boiled down to what " I " liked and what made it best for me in order for me to want to wear the HA for long periods.
It was the open domes I felt made me hear the best and provided the best comfort.

Regarding the Notch Therapy: It did take some time for my provider to get used to the Signia software but after some over the phone help while I was in the fitting room it was assured that the ‘Notch’ was applied correctly and that everything that passes through the HAs was being ‘Notched’.
That was one thing that I wanted to be sure of.

It is still to early for me to tell if there has been any significate improvement… it will take months before I will know for sure.

I am very pleased with 2 apps I have downloaded on my iPhone that I can program with soothing custom sounds that I use when I don’t need to hear conversation or when I just want to relax… all being notched and steamed from my cell phone.

I will post again when I have any news.

Thank you all for asking.

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I am trying out a notch theraphy with my Siemens Pure 7bx hearing aid.
Since the Connexx software does not allow me to program a custom notch signal (my model hearing
aid offers default noise patterns like ocean waves, white noise, etc…) i created my own custom signal
using Audacity by identifying the frequency of my tinnitus (4200 Hz) and applying a notch at this
frequency.(see pic). I have been listening to this white noise for 3 weeks and notice a slight improvement in my tinnitus.

My question : Since my hearing aid software does not allow me to use a custom notch signal, i wonder if the following settings in the Siemens Connexx
software would be as effective as the Audacity signal i created (see above).



I am no expert… but are you absolutely sure that your HA with Connexx software can not be notched?
My provider was very honest with me about not understanding the Connexx software 100%.
So he did not mind contacting the Siemens Tech. department while I was there in the room with him.
This way I was 100% sure that my notch was placed and activated with “everything” that passed through my HA… even via streaming music, sounds or normal hearing… it is all being notched.
One exception is the white noise that Siemens provides within the software as it seemed to conflict with other programs, why I don’t know.
I would recommend 2 apps that provide customizable sounds other than just white noise, that I find boring.
Audacity is great and will provide a good quality notched therapy… but I went with a free solution because my HA have the built in Notch capability.
Apps: Tao Mix 2 is a good quality of different soothing sounds that you can mix for free
White Noise + is a good quality sound of wind, waves, thunder storms and white noise for free.
Happy to hear that you are getting some success.
I am guilty of not wearing my HA enough to have success yet :frowning:
Good luck