Tinnitus+Low to medium frequency hearing loss

Hi, I came across this very informative forum after a long search for a solution to my moderate hearing loss (45-55 dB) in low to medium frequencies (250 to 2000 Hz). My situation is further complicated by my tinnitus.

Currently I have a pair of CIC Trianos (Siemens). It helped little if at all on my hearing, especially when in a quiet setting where people tend to speak softer. Worst still it often amplified so much of the background noises and created a great deal of back pressure that it affected my concentration and added a great deal to my mental stress.

I hope to find a pair of hearing aids that allow me to hear conversation in a quiet meeting room , and will not aggravate the tinnitus which I experienced when wearing ear mould that blocked out the environment sounds.

When trying out open fit devices, I find them most comfortable to wear. With them, I could hear most of the natural sounds and use the aids largely only for where my hearing loss is. Unfortunately my audiologist said that open fit has limited power for low to medium frequency amplification. After some trials, I do find them unsatisfactory in aiding hearing of conversation by soft speaking, low tone people.

I wonder whether there is any solution that could offer a natural hearing as that of the open fit and the power needed to amplify low to high frequencies speech.

I will be most grateful of any suggestion or lead.

Many thanks in advance.

I had a few clients which use Neuromonics, I have heard reports that the tinitus is reduce as much as 80% with out the need of a hearing aid.
While it is expensive, check them out…
Brands and models I like and maybe U could try
Oticon Delta or Epoq, GN pulse , Phonak Audeo , Vivatone, Sebotek (the list goes on an on)
But there are other choices, Bernafon Brite , Siemens Centra, etc…
What is important is to get a good audiology which can fit your products well,
DO remember UNLESS you get high end products most products (mid end or value or entry level) are almost identical in the features they offer,.,.
So it boils down to how you get them fit…

That Said I rather get a not so know brand say Audina properly fit all tests including REM compare to a well know brand that is not so well fitted or just program using the PC first fit…

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