Tinnitus getting louder later in the day

I have a question. I have had some tinnitus for a long time, but recently it has gotten very loud, especially in the evening. Is this possible? It seems worse when I lie down to watch tv.

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Tinnitus can, and does vary greatly in terms of apparent loudness @KarenK, any stress can agitate your tinnitus, or if you are unwell… The secret is learning to live with it, accept it as part of you, you know it’s going to get louder, or sometimes quieter, sometimes my tinnitus goes off the scale, and becomes overwhelming, but I just relax completely, tell myself repeatedly it will get quieter, and it gradually dissipates, and fades away to almost nothing within minutes… It was not always so, for many years I was driven to distraction, until I relaxed about it, excepted it, and ultimately welcomed it, as part of me. Nowadays I am 100% relaxed and at ease with tinnitus, and no matter how loud it gets, I can switch it off, by using the above method… I have had severe tinnitus for over 30 years, and now I will actively listen for it, it has altered over the years, so I am listening for changes, at one time, I had a washing machine on full spin in one ear, and heavy white noise in the other ear, nowadays it’s all white noise… I reiterate, I just learned to live with it, so much so, it no longer bothers me in any way whatsoever, it is part of who I am… Cheers Kev :grin:


My own experience…tinnitus is awful. My hearing aids are still being setup (next appointment in 2 weeks). They are working better BUT I feel very tired by mid afternoon. My take–I’m straining to figure out what’s being said. And my tinnitus gets worse then.

I’m compensating and trying different things. For the last two weeks I’ve turned up volume a notch when I first put my hearing aids on. During the day I may go up another notch louder. Observation: I’m not tired mid day. I seem to hear better. And tinnitus is less an issue for me.

Kev thanks for your post. It’s really helpful for me.


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I have tinnitus 24/7/365, but I notice it more at night after removing my aids or if I am in a very quiet environment and can’t steam background noise to my aids, like if I am in a meeting or have doctors appointments.


As @kevels55 mentioned, your health can have an effect on your tinnitus. I read recently that blood pressure can change hearing loss and tinnitus. There are probably many things we have no idea that they leave a mark. Let me give you three strategies. One is distraction. Let something else interesting grab and keep your attention. Another is masking. Other sounds that tune the tinnitus out. A third is peaceful sounds to help reduce stress.

There are a good handful of free apps that you might try out to see if their sounds help.

The other thing I might mention is wearing my HAs has made tinnitus for me diminish to a non issue most of the time when the HAs are in. All bets off at night, but I haven’t had it wake me up since I started using a pillow with speakers playing a white noise masker. I also have an air cleaner running at night. Between the two noises, I’m in a better place.



Thanks so much for the thoughts and suggestions. I don’t wear my hearing aids daily, but I may start to because it definitely does diminish the tinnitus.