Tinnitus causing deafness

I have slight 10 percent hearing loss in both ears but wear 2 hearing aids I have tinnitus and audio processing disorder.

Can tinnitus and audio processing disorder cause deafness?

I have Tinnitus for over 38 years and my hearing got worse since then, it will in long period.

Tinnus cause deafness in long period of time.

Tinnitus and loss of hearing need not be related.

You need to see a doctor if either suddenly appears - or suddenly worsens.

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Sorry this forum is not giving the right answers. No, T will not cause deafness.


Indeed tinnitus does not cause hearing loss, but sometime tinnitus can be a symptom of hearing loss.


Anyone have all these symptoms? Ive had condition for 10 years with increasing difficulties. The tinnitus is loud, both ears and 24/7Help cant function

No, Tinnitus does not cause deafness.


Tinnitus can be a symptom of a hearing loss and several other things including head trauma, but it does not cause hearing loss. If the tinnitus is getting worse the hearing loss may be getting worse thus less outside ordinary sounds masking out the tinnitus inside the head



5 Things You Should Know About Tinnitus

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I have had tinnitus since I was about 28 years that was 1975. Yes my hearing has gotten worse but I am far from deaf.

I couldn’t agree more.

Question: I have poor high range hearing, and also high pitched tinnitus. How do I know I really can’t hear high frequencies, or whether I just can’t hear them over the tinnitus?

For the proper diagnosis you should pay a visit to a professional. They will better asses your condition and can recommend treatment according to it.

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Tinnitus is a weird thing. I have had it for 40 years. Like you it started in the very high frequencies.

Early on in my life during an audiogram the tones could actually be heard at higher dB than the tinnitus, same frequency. It would be piercing when I did finally hear this tone at these really high dB.

Later in life I could not hear past the tinnitus frequencies, only below.

Interesting question. I’ve had tinnitus as far as can remember and sometimes wonder wether the reason I struggle to make out what’s been said is cos it’s so loud. The more noise and using aids makes it louder and feels like it’s in competition. Also if am right the fact I’ve had hearing loss more than likely from birth and was never tested I learned own coping mechanism. Now recognised even with aids I still struggle to translate what can hear into sense and think to do with how sounds are translated by the receptors cos am hearing sounds I once couldn’t. All confusing. I don’t think tho that tinnitus or the translation of what we can hear causes hearing loss. My audiogramme ain’t changed since first had test done as young adult but for sure if tinnitus plays up and goes into siren mode it almost feels the noise blocks everything out and feels like am properly deaf but usually in couple days goes back to norm. This thing all a mystery as seems everyone has different experiences with it. Hope you reach conclusion cos for me I just can’t quantify but for sure if the tinnitus is particularly loud I’m gonna struggle.

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Tinnitus is the result of hearing loss, not the cause of it.