Tinnitus caused by hearing aids?


Last week I had an appointment with my Audi, she upped my right hearing aid with 6 dB. The same night I started to get major headache and before I went to bed I’ve started hearing ringing in my right ear. The next day I’ve decreased my volume manually and since Saturday I haven’t used my right ear hearing aid anymore. Could it be that the increase of 6 dB has caused me tinnitus? I’m still hearing the ringing… I will be seeing her Wednesday and will be discussing this ofcourse.


Yes, that happened to me once when I accidentally and briefly listened to my wife’s hearing aids. It went away after a few days.


Good to hear that it is very likely it will not be permanent!


Also here’s a Link to how it works for me. I think for others too.


upping the gain 6db was a very dumb thing to do, especially if all the three gain points were raised together. That is too radical a change - 3db is about the max. You need to go have a serious talk with your audiologist about running tests because the 6db change could have damaged your hearing. At their expense, of course.


Maybe rename the thread “Tinnitus caused by audiologist?” ???


Do you mean like this one?


Yeah, it’s like a deja vu to me.


Well the MPO should ensure that there would be no ear damage I always assumed?

In hindsight it also seems very dangerous that people can manually up their volume up to 6 dB themselves.


Well, if your receiver has enough headroom for volume increase then the hearing aid will allow users to increase the volume to the max level themselves.

It’s all relative. A 6db gain on a very soft voice in a quiet environment so you can make out what that person is saying is not as damaging as a 6dB increase when very loud noises are going on.