Tinnitus caused by hearing aid?

Hello everyone,

I have sensorineural hearing loss from my birth. I didn’t have any hearing aid so far, but I decided to get the first one early this year. After the first test everything was OK. But in the middle of the second test wearing I had a sudden hearing loss on the my right ear (it was 6 weeks ago):

125-20 250-25 500-50 1000-60 2000-60 4000-60 8000-65

The same happened 3 years ago, but this time my hearing loss was followed with a pretty strong tinnitus. I was cured with infusion (Nootropil) and medicines as well. At the beginning I was certain that test wearing and tinnitus was just a coincidence. The hearing loss seemed to fade away and the tinnitus became quieter from day to day. Yesterday I was really well, so I started to test a hearing aid from a third brand.

Today my tinnitus was back on it’s full power (it was like 5 weeks ago). I know that HA’s are designed not to damage someone’s ear, but still this is weird.

Is it possible that HA causes tinnitus?



I know this is an old thread, so apologies if this is too late to be useful; in any case, since I am not an audiologist, it might be best ingested with NaCl.

I always thought that since the tinnitus phenomenon is a perception of sound in the absence of a physical vibration, a perhaps simplistic implication might be drawn that HAs shouldn’t cause tinnitus.

However, I remember my grandmother complaining of the same thing, and at the time I wondered if she had been given much in the way of a choice of hearing aids (which were nothing like what we have today). In my case, I have persistent tinnitus which I don’t have much trouble living with, but my hearing aids fortunately have no effect on it whatsoever.

Your issue might depend on exactly what is causing your tinnitus, e.g. a medical condition other than your actual hearing loss.


I sometimes get tinnitus from my hearing aids when i get a lot of feedback… It feels as if the high frequencies seem to trigger the tinnitus and it lasts for a few hours then calms down. Check your HA maybe it could be the high pitched feedback?

I experienced this too and it was the high frequencies!

But many people try hearing aids/tinnitus maskers. Hearing aids are most effective for those with mid-range hearing loss and tinnitus. They increase sound levels in the middle range and help cover the sound of the tinnitus. Tinnitus maskers are hearing aid-like devices that generate a sound, which “masks” the tinnitus noise. Tinnitus maskers are more effective for high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus. However, there are some tinnitus treatments available in the market. There is also a dietary supplement which comes as part of the Tinnitus Control which is a capsule that needs to be taken twice a day. Tinnitus Control has been proven as a very effective method to quickly end the painful and annoying symptoms associated with tinnitus.

i have a mild buzzing in my ear, and i have never had it before. my grandson popped a balloon near my head is that a possible cause of the buzzing? and should i be concerned?

honestly i think you should go to an audiologist and have it looked at. you never know really if u have damage or how severe it is without having it examined. just a thought. I mean if my aids are acting funny i go to a hearing aid repair specialist, so why would you not do the same for your ears.

first time ever hear audiologist title, how they do ? are those reduce our audio addictions !

Since many people have noise-induced (listening to loud things) hearing loss and hearing aids increase volume, how can they not contribute to further hearing loss and/or tinnitus? Hearing aids are a crude sledgehammer “solution” to the hearing loss problem, but it’s the best we have for now … until someone can crawl in and repair the hair in our ears.

I have the same type of hearing loss you do. This happened in 1984. All my hearing aids except this one have been in the ear. However, this pair I now have are behind the ears and I get terrible tinnitus from it. The symptoms I get are shortness of breath, being lightheaded and feeling queasy in certain situations. The audiologist thinks it is from the mold. Two weeks ago I was fitted for new molds and I am getting the new molds on Monday. I care about the noise but not as much as I care about the other three symptoms: being short of breath, feeling lightheaded and queasy in certain situations. Did you ever get short of breath and queasy?

I’ve read in the past about several members that had the same problems as you are having with being short of breath, lightheaded and queasy but once they got new molds the problem went away, so I hope it does the same for you. I believe one of the audiologist said that it was probably caused by the mold being to deep and hitting the nerve that caused the symptoms. Good luck!

Tomorrow I get the new molds and I cannot wait. I hate this feeling. It is also making it difficult for me to work down my hallway without feeling the symptoms. My hallway has the same type of carpeting and lighting as a movie theater. Not the lobby type lighting, but the type of lighting when you are sitting in the movie waiting for the movie to start.

I’ve been hearing impaired 51 yrs and tinnitis is present 24-7-365…regardless if I wear an aid or not…i have found that when using an aid I do not hear the tinnitis but as soon as I take it out…its there…in both ears…it doesnt bother me at all and I even try to meditiate to the sound of it …helps me to relax and fall asleep. So for me a hearing aid isnt the cause of tinnitis…usually tinnitis is an indication of exposure to loud sounds…but that could be brought about by a hearing aid i suppose,just not the case for me personally.

see. as i after reading of your’s writings just got to understand this that and you also have mention that for you the case is different for tinnitus when you wear hearing aids, but there are count less people whose story is differ from me, so do not call that hearing aids do helps in tinnitus, we all are here not non sense most of the people will do agree that tinnitus suppress to some extent by wearing hearing aid and whatever you wrote seems rare case, enjoy it, and yes for your hearing loss you have to wear hearing aids atleast then you encounter tinnitus or not that’s your life. there are bigger thing than this patch you discuss but by the way thanks to share your case. mr. bne, this is the name by which you enrolled over here.