Tinnitus behaving like hearing aid feedback

Hi everyone, I usually have quite a typical tinnitus, high pitched buzz in the background that I can tune out by wearing hearing aids or putting TV on etc. Today it’s changed in my left ear, if I hear a higher pitched sound (eg. My 2 year olds voice) it sounds like I have hearing aid feedback (with and without hearing aids) could it be wax or an infection? Not had this before, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Edit to add: My hearing does also seem a little worse in that ear but no pain or unusual pressure/feelings

My first thought was it could be feedback. You might try putting your finger in your ear to make a better seal and see if that stops the sound when it happens.

I have read people get more tinnitus under pressure/stress. Having raised children, two year olds can create stress or higher blood pressure that is directly related to tinnitus.

It happens without my hearing aids as well so I think it’s me rather than them. Since I made this post the child has started to have an opaque snotty nose so I’m thinking it’s probably a viral issue that will hopefully go away. I know what you mean about the stress and tiredness they’re probably not helping. I’m having to miss out on a family lunch now because I can’t bear the thought of being in a restaurant at the moment. Poor little daughter looked so disappointed when she realised I wasn’t coming :cry:

Sure sounds like it could be stress.
Try to get get your rest and take care of yourself. That will benefit the child too.
Good luck

It seems like I remember somebody sometime back reporting something similar that ended up being a wax filter getting dislodged in his ear, so the idea of something “extra” in the ear might explain it. Having somebody look in your ear to check for wax or other foreign object is a decent idea if it doesn’t improve. I guess one could also just do a wax removal treatment (something like Debrox) and see what happens.

My tinnitus will become worse if I am stressed, or my blood pressure is up, or if I have a cold or sinus headache. And to make it worse if I take anything for my cold or sinuses my tinnitus gets worse.

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