Tinnitus and my hearing aid

I have phonak audeo 5
I have hearing loss in my right ear.
I also have tinnitus in the same ear.
My tinnitus can be ok one day but another day can be loud.

When my tinnitus is loud my hearing aid does not work. I struggle to hear out of it. Does anybody else have the same problem?


My loss*

Right ear
250. 55
500. 55

left ear
250. 20
500. 20

Yes, although mine doesn’t really fluctuate. It just gets gradually worse. It’s terrible. Sounds like a cross between Niagra Falls, electrical sparks, and radio static.

If this continues, you may want to look into a tinnitus masking hearing aid or a Tinnitus Retraining Therapy program to get some more relief. It is awful, I know. Some say to try to keep the salt and caffeine down, and to eliminate stress…but that is hard to do!!! Good luck.

The new Phonak Audeo Q has tinnitus masking feature now which is really cool :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, I tried the Tinnitus feature on the ReSound Verso 9’s I recently trialed. Their version is a low SPL of pink noise but filtered so most of the energy was well below the frequencies I’m hearing with my Tinnitus.

I had the audi turn it off after a few minutes. It seems like the specifics of any case of Tinnitus are fairly unique in terms of what it sounds like, what makes it worse, and what helps. Maybe the Tinnitus feature on a different manufacturer’s aid works differently - I’ll certainly give it a try when I have a chance, just in case.

Best way to describe mine is that it sounds like the Cicadas (very noisy bugs) that we get here in the Great State of Texas. A more technical description is a “chord” formed by 3 frequencies (8kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz) with most of the energy at 12kHz. I matched it with a software synthesizer, mostly out of curiosity, but also in hopes that knowing the information might help me find a solution! Apparently that data doesn’t mean much diagnostically. :frowning:

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried various changes in diet, and a few of the supplements. Nothing made any difference, for me. But there are credible stories of people getting relief from some of these approaches, so just because something didn’t work for me (or anyone else) doesn’t mean you should rule it out solely because of that. (There may be other reasons to rule it out, but…).

I saw your post saying that the Ginkgo helped your hearing. I’m planning on trying Ginkgo soon, myself. I gather it didn’t help with your Tinnitus, though?

Good luck, and if you find something that works (or not), please tell us!


Yep, that’s mine too.

Cicadas (very noisy bugs) that we get here in the Great State of Texas


Hey! You wouldn’t believe how many people with Tinnitus say, “nope - nothing like THAT” when I describe what I’m hearing.


Thanks everyone for your replies

@ Ken, thanks for the explaination , I have 2 different frequencys , never did a test to determine what they are. Sometimes they are more intense,but always there. I have another strange sound which sounds like a bell ringing in my left ear only when I shake my head rappidly like saying “no”. I never discussed this ringing before.


My tinnitus is getting worse. It used to be mild-to-moderate in one ear, now it’s moderate in one ear, mild-to-moderate in the other. Mine too fluctuates slowly up and down with no relationship to anything I can determine. For me the tinnitus is a high-pitched squealing. It does occasionally interfere with hearing aid performance for me, yes, particularly in noisy environments or with soft-spoken high-pitched voices where I have enough problems even without tinnitus LOL.

I do have moderate levels of caffeine use and stress.

For my next pair of aids, I will try out tinnitus masking which I did not opt for before because I didn’t think my tinnitus was enough of an issue to worry about then. Now it is. I hear mixed reviews on the tinnitus masking technology. Not everyone is helped by it, but it’s worth a try, I think, as it is improving, and many are helped.

My tinnitus is as you describe, a high pitched sound around 5K. The first week of July I am getting the Phonak Audeo Q which has the “Tinnitus Solution”. I will post on how they work. I sure hope they work, my tinnitus is getting louder.

Yeah, I’d appreciate your insight. Good luck! May the squeal no longer be with you.

Warren, curious. Have you received your hearing aids? If so, how are they working?


I have the audeo q HA’s. Been using demos now for about a month waiting on VA. See audi tomorrow finally. At current settings, tinnitus in right ear goes away within a few minutes of putting on HA’s. Left ear tinnitus is unchanged. Not even using any of the tinnitus solution. Sometimes it seems like the ha on left side amplifies the tinnitus. See what happens tomorrow.

I am new to Hearing aid Forum. I have been looking for some information on recently diagnosed Tinnitus and a moderate to severe hearing loss. I went to an ENT and he looked at my current hearing test, a few yearly work hearing tests and recommended to take 3-5mg Melatonin at bedtime and see the Audiologist for HA’s. I knew an Audiologist from when my Dad had HA’s and he ordered me the Dream, I am assuming the Widex Dream with Zen, not sure which model, that was almost two weeks ago. I have been disabled because of a spinal injury for about an year and the Tinnitus got really bad the last few months and screeches almost all day; some days really annoying. My hearing loss is sensorineural in the 3,000 to 8,000 in the left ear mild/severe and 4,000 to 8,000 mild/severe to moderate in the right ear. I am hoping the HA’s help with the Tinnitus, the Audiologist played a sample of the Zen and not sure I am going to like that sound either. The good news is that my insurance will pay for the HA’s, let you know how they work.

Good luck and I hope the Zen works for you. My Oticon HA’s pretty much eliminate my tinnitus while I have them on and make it less noticeable when I take them out at the end of the day, I hope the Widex Dream does the same for you!

I have been wearing the Widex Dream 330’s for almost a week and found the Zen program really does not help as much as the amplification. The first day or two no relief, in fact worse the second day, the third day good relief, the fourth day back to no relief, back and forth with relief. I am going back to Audiologist for either another test pair or have her make adjustment to these, she setup a two week revisit think that maybe to long if they are not working. Is anyone else having good results from an particular make of Tinnitus hearing aid?

My hearing aids give good relief for my tinnitus without running the masking program. When my tinnitus is really bothering me, I stream my own masking files to my HA’s via Bluetooth. My favorite masking sound is a combination of rain, distant rolling thunder and wind chimes I created on the ATA website. I never use the built-in tinnitus program.

You may want to try Zen noise instead of the Zen musical tones. It’s a white noise that sounds like radio static. Other brands offer the same thing.

I called my Audiologist and told her the Zen musical tones were not helping after using them a week, although the amplification alone seemed to help; she did not recommend any other Zen programing. However, she did order me an Oticon Alta and am going to pick them up this week, the Audiologist seems to think I need something in the higher bandwidth and only a few HA’s go to 10,000+mhz.

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