Tinnitus and Fullness

Hey Everyone,
I’m a newbie to this site but I have already found it as a invaluable tool to use for help and assistance in hearing loss. I have a question related to tinnitus. I’ve always had it, but two weeks ago it suddenly got worse. It’s pretty much 24/7 but sometimes it also comes with a fullness in the ringing ear. I talked to my audiologist about it and he said I should just forget about it and not worry about it. While I understand there is no cure for tinnitus and it usually comes with hearing loss, I feel that that answer is a flat. I talked to him about misunderstanding people more often than usual, and he tuned my hearing aids for the frequencies I was having a hard time with, so that’s cool, but I also wondered if I should get another hearing test to be sure that my hearing hasn’t gotten any worse. He says they do tests every two years. My question to everyone is, is that fullness and worsening tinnitus actually something to just brush off and not worry about? Is it usual for hearing tests to be every two years? Should I push more for another hearing test? I fully appreciate what my audiologist has done for me and my hearing loss, I just want to know if he or I could do more.

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Are you also experiencing vertigo or dizziness as well as further hearing loss also? If yes, you may have Meniere’s Disease. I’m not a doctor, but if it were me I would Go see an ENT to rule out other causes of the fullness and the worsening tinnitus, an ENT usually won’t give a diagnosis of Meneire’s until you have a second episode of vertigo. Meniere’s also usually starts with aural fullness followed by severe tinnitus, then hearing loss and finally vertigo, you can also experience an increased sensitivity to some sounds.

Things to avoid are: alcohol, smoking, caffein and reduce your sodium intake. Hope this helps, Good Luck!

Thanks Seb,
This is awesome advice! I don’t have dizziness with it. I’ve heard of Meniere’s Disease, it doesn’t sound like what I’m having. But thanks, I will look into the ENT visit. Thanks for the help!