Tinnitus and CBD


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So for a while now I’ve been aware of the wonderful medical benefits CBD and other cannabinoids may provide. However recently I read this article. It blew my mind, to say the least. Never in a million years would I have thought that CBD could help against such a common disorder like Tinnitus.

However, with many cures, the theory may be too good to be true.

So I was wondering if anyone here had any personal experiences to share. Have you tried CBD against Tinnitus or other hearing disorders? How did it work out?

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With the recent-ish nation-wide legalization of cannabis in Canada…i finally got around to getting into a shop to get some. I’m not interested in smoking it, so I got some oil of some sort. It dispenses by way of an eye-dropper kind of thing. They said to try one or two squirts under the tongue. I did one one evening then two the next. I didn’t really notice anything with one although I was maybe tired. The two drops I did notice.
I then got the thought of I wonder if maybe it might do anything on the tinnitus front. It didn’t seem to.
Now I’m curious. I don’t know if CBD would make any difference from what I have but next time I’ll see about CBD and use it for that specific purpose.



It’s just a way of quitting smoke with CBD and vaping. I would root for www.deliciousnimbus.com as for service with most decent vape delivery online service. Using it for a couple of years and still going with it.



Maybe you are supposed to drop the liquid into your ears?

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