Time to upgrade

My analog phonak aids are due for replacement. Hated the remote was a waste. Hearing loss is in the 90db range across the board. 40 years of flying helicopters has not been kind to my ears. Am looking at the phonak Savias and the Extras as well as the Bernafon Xtreme. Suggestions would be appreciated.

the bernafon xtreme is a similar copy to a SUMO DM, Oticon
my clients love them…

If you like Phonak, they will have a new super power instrument quite soon
i would think it will not be cheap @ all for sure… (i believe the name is Naida )


SUMO DM has a DSL 5.0, but so does all the phonak instrument

for super power instruments i like Oticon and Phonak…


phonak supero is the other alternative

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