Time to replace my old aids


They had to call a friend and this is their final answer:
“Our buyer advises we do not have a launch date at this time.”


My impression is getting that kind of info is very difficult. I think about the best you can do is get a few weeks notice if you happen to ask a Costco hearing aid person a few weeks before the release if they’ve gotten a headsup from their rep.


Yeah, my thoughts as well.


Based on “time between” past models, the window of KS model refresh seems to be about 2 years +/- 1 year. It seems to have varied between model numbers, recently. Sorry my response doesn’t really clear up any confusion, but I’m not sure you’ll find a satisfactory answer until the stork has nearly arrived.



Yeah, that seems to be the program, thanks Kermit.


Still KS 7.0 as of February 11, 2018.

Should we set up a “Costco watch” thread devoted to periodic updates of new models they are carrying?

My thought is specific to the KS branded HA so that we know as soon as possible, but such a thread could be a resource for periodic updates of other varieties they carry. I’m also making this suggestion because Costco is, short of the aggregate of Audiology Clinics, the single largest dispenser (in the USA, at least). I’m thinking it might make sense to provide period updates of what they’re carrying as their lineup changes.

Or not.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


  • Kermit


Yes, Kermit, I think it would be a worthwhile (ad)venture.

If created, it might also be nice to see, place and date the latest models become available and if at all possible whether a new model is a leader or a follower. Samsung vs. iPhone comes to mind.

In 2008, when I first admitted I had a problem, I was tested at a clinic; it was 2010, before I acted. My hesitancy was fear, driven by cost and being overwhelmed/ignorant.

As I stumbled blindly into the world of hearing aids, my choice of Costco was entirely cost driven. I was lucky with the then fitter or I may well have put the whole thing off again.

Not long after I purchased Rexton aids, because they were so much less expensive at Costco, Kirkland was launched.

At the time, I was told they were “the same as my Rextons” but the price had been reduced to nearly half. I was, rightly or wrongly, upset but was told the Costco folks had pretty much no knowledge of the Kirkland availability until the boxes arrived.

I am now in a similar situation; Kirkland 7 vs 8. Based on information here, even though Canadian Costco stores have no knowledge of the timeline for KS8, I at least know they are coming; sometime. So, it would be nice to see a historical timeline of US vs the rest of the world launches. Is there a trackable pattern?

Looking at the PVC list I have some questions;

Was the first Kirkland called KS1 or did it begin at 3, 4 or 5?
Was the switch by Kirkland (KS) from Rexton to ReSound to Rexton anything more than manufacturer’s willingness to meet Cosco’s pricing demands?
Is technology, again like cellular, advancing at a pace where “new” happens because of advances or simply because consumers are hungry for it? In other words is KS8 really just a KS7 with a new case and is it following the last Rexton or ahead of the next one?


Thank you, @pvc! This is fortuitous timing for many. Good stuff!