Time limit to edit a post


What is the maximum amount of time allowed to go back and edit a post?


Apparently it’s 2 months.


How did you find this out?

I just posted and had to go back and edit a couple times. My link showed up twice in my post. Posting here with an iPhone can be troublesome.


I got a PM from someone here that I would trust they would know. How…I don’t know. I don’t know where and how they would come to know the time limit but there it is. Maybe they like to edit older posts and found this out from the admin.
I’ll edit some posts upon finding new information in the immediate time frame of the relevance of the post. After that…whatever. But I wanted to edit a post I parked in Online Sellers and discovered that I had gone past some time limit.


It was set to 60 days, and I honestly think you should be able to edit a post for longer. I have updated that to 90 days. If it’s older than 3 months, my suggestion is to just to start a new post or post a reply on the existing one.