Time for next pair



Thanks for explaining; now I am jealous!
Good luck to you. I will be curious as to your final selection and how they work out for you.
Best wishes, Nate :smiley:


Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal?


neither, I get a reimbursement through my retirement plan:grinning:


Ah, very nice!
What’s your cap?


size 7 5/8 Lol around 3500.00


I bought the Resound Cala from Costco not quite a year ago and I’ve been very pleased. They are iPhone compatible (I have a 6 plus) and stream well. I will say that I’m not at all satisfied with music that is streamed - WAY too “tinny” - but for podcasts I listen to at the gym, etc., the streaming is fine. The Apple Watch app is convenient, but I have the earliest watch vintage and it seems to take a while for the Bluetooth to connect, so it’s usually easier to adjust on the iPhone app or with the phone remote. The phone remote works very well for answering calls and the listener generally hears me well. I’ve considered the Apple Watch 3 Cellular but frankly not sure how the Calas would connect with it.

I would probably buy these again a newer replacement model if available.


Hi Nate. What is the microphone you use with the KS5s?



Greetings one and all,

Just wanted to follow up with my latest H A test and new aid search.
Back in October I started to notice I was having to have others repeat themselves more often. Of to Costco we go. I go around 5 times a year to our local store (65 miles one way)I ask them to change the tips and do there thing while I shop. At the same time I check out what aids are new etc. etc. etc. Get home and still don’t notice any difference in my Hearing. One of my biggest complaints on the KS 5 is the dreaded restaurant program. So I get some new open tips and filters from Amazon(tips from last trip to Costco) and low and behold everything is sounding very different for the good. I notice that when I switch to restaurant program a very distinct cutting out of the rear microphones. Wow never heard them do that before. Fast forward to Jan. 2018 go in for hearing test,find out have more loss,new H A specialist works at re programing aid for current Loss. Have to say my aids never sounded so good.

Every three years I get a H A benefit so I am waiting
for the KS 8 to come out to compare to the new Fortes Hope the new aids will pair well with my IPHONE 6 and streaming along with a better noise cancelling in noisy places.
I know this is long but I hope this post helps others with some information.


Tips and filters from Amazon fixed Restaurant mode? Tell us more, please and links to Amazon website? And where do those filters go?


Hi Nate. What is the microphone you use with the KS5s?

Rad, didn’t see your post until today! Sorry.

The microphone that goes with the KS5s is the ReSound microphone that was sold when the KS5s were introduced. It looks different than the one they are selling now but maybe Costco could help you get a refurb if they no longer sell it new.


Nate these are the filters(wax)guards that I replaced. They come with a simple tool so you can remove and install the wax guard on the HA. Mine get installed after I remove my open dome tip. Hope I have not confused the wax guard as something else. All I know is after replacing the wax guar my HA started preforming better then ever. I HAVE NOT HAD A CHANCE TO USE THE HA IN A NOisey restaurant as of yet. All I know is that there has been a vast improvement in my restaurant setting. Hope this helps YMMV. If you have any other questions I’ll try and answer the best I can.



I just receive my latest pair of HA provided to me by the local VA Hospital. If you are a Veteran that will be my first choice for testing and getting a good set of HA that fit your current needs. My total cost for everything was $127.
Another option - which I use when at home to watch TV is a cheap pair of HA Ampifiers HA-A that you can purchase from Amazon web site for less than $100. The ampifiers just gives your unit more Volume like some one uses a Megafphone to talk to you close to your ears,These are very good anywhere since you can adjust.
to uor preference. Good Luck


I know this is post is a few months old, but are you referring to the OPN 3 for those prices?


Couldyou please clarify the name of that product, or provide a link to the product page on Amazon?



The One I purchased from Amazon was by searching on their search bar for… "Digital Hearing Amplifiers"
The Model No is…EZ-220/VHP-220 (made in China) - but most HA internal technology is made in China
The Box shows the label as “Easy US Life”. it is a Behind The Ear Unit (BTE) and surprisingly it came with a full box of Batteries.within 5 days of my order. Good Job by Amazon.


I’m sorry - you wear this on top of your hearing aids from the VA? Or you remove your VA hearing aids and put these in instead? I’m not clear on this.


These HA Amplifiers replace the standard HA. You use them as the actual Hearing Aid - The main difference is that you do not have any fancy circuit gadgets like sound direction,etc. It just Amplifies the sounds on your immediate area… I find them very easy to use. Remember that before we lost the ability to hear well we were exposed to All the sounds around us. The Amplifier let you hear those sounds. That is why is called an Amplifier. Your control only provides a volume level. .


Seems to me you’re talking about what is known generally in the industry as a PSAP. Personal Sound Amplifier Product.


Seems to me like he could just turn up the volume on the hearing aids provided by the VA, when watching TV, rather than taking them out of his ears and putting those PSAPs in. Or what am I missing here?


That’s what I do, but then I still have lots of volume to spare.