Time for next pair



Greetings one and all,

For the last almost 3 years I have been wearing Costco KS-5 HA,RIC/open domes.
They have helped me hear better then without them. I do have some issues with feedback,not being IPHONE compatible, pour noisy restaurant help and overall music settings.

Looking for next pair to have more up today features. Receive phone calls,streaming and music from sound system in both ears with out turning up volume so loud to run other out of same room,along with better noise control in restaurant and at parties.

My last test is posted from several years back.
Would like groups help in choosing next pair of aids and which domes.



If you’re leaning towards returning to Costco, the Resound Fortes would be a reasonable choice. They’d give you iPhone compatibility and good restaurant help. Looking at your audiogram, I’m guessing open domes are still most appropriate, but you could ask to try out closed domes.


Thanks,yes will use Costco again. Thinking at trying the Resond Fortes and the Oticon opn


You won’t be tryiing Oticons from Costco. Bernafon Serenas are made by same company but seem to be notably different, but are available from Costco.


Sadly you won’t be able to try anything like the OPN.

Are you going to Costco because of price or convenience?


If you want to try the OPN route with minimal cost, the only option is via an online outfit where the cost is about half of what the regular brick and mortar audi channel would charge. It would be a bit more than something like the $1700 KS7 from Costco, but at least it’s not outrageously more (like $6000+ from the local audi channel). But it’d only be a little bit more than something like the Costco Brios 2 or Resound Fortes.


Thanks for the information so far.

My last HA came from Costco because of convenience and price at that time.

I get a Hearing Aid benefit every 3 years and it was way dealing with Costco for the paperwork need for my insurance company. With that said I am not against buying from someone like audiometric.

Question is which Aids are best suited for the features I need and want?

I will go to Audiometrics site and read up of trial and return policy.

Thanks again



If you have an Android phone then the OPN at its present state is not for you because the streamer to interface with Android phones is still not available until some time the end of this year (originally slated for Q1’17). If you have an iPhone then the OPN is Made For iPhone already. But so are many other HA’s brands and models that are MFI, as well as having an intermediate streamer already available for Android phones while the OPN still doesn’t have it yet.

For streaming from sound systems like TV or another audio source, the OPN does have a TV Adapter streamer already available so that part of the functionality should work fine for your need.

In terms of better noise control at parties and restaurants, the OPN won’t block out noises because of its new hearing philosophy/paradigm. It does enhance speech clarity in noise, however. Just won’t block out any noise.


I do have a iPhone 6. TV (smart tv) sound thru sound bar,have mid to high end stereo set up.

Would I need a Streamer box with either the Fortes or oticons

Will have to keep following other posts and see how people like the two aids I’m considering .


I have a sound bar and also have done direct streaming from the TV. The streaming seems a bit clearer but it isn’t a huge difference. I’d try the regular level and if it still gives problem, you could get/trial a TV adapter.


Both the Fortes and the OPN are MFI so you won’t need a streamer between them and your iPhone 6. However you’ll need a TV streamer between your TV (or non-BT audio source) to either the Fortes or the OPN if you want direct streaming to your HAs.



Thanks for the education. This forum is of great help.:star_struck:


For features in iPhone compatible aids try downloading the apps and trying them in demo mode to see what features you like or think you would use.


Some newer soundbars have bluetooth. You could save a little money and have that stream through the aids.



But not with Samsung product as their BT is proprietary.


I too have had the KS5s, in my case for about 4 1/2 yrs and, while I am always glad to hear about improvements offered for newer HAs, I am puzzled as to why you are having some of the problems you describe.

For one, I never get feedback with my KS5s… Is it possible that you simply need an adjustment from the Costco. hearing specialist? I have open domes too.

I never have trouble hearing on my cell phone with my KS5s. I have an app that always turns on the phone’s speaker from which I can hear quite well. Before then, I used to just remember to hit the speaker button myself for every incoming and outgoing call. I hear every part of the conversation perfectly that way.

The microphone for the KS5s costs less than $150 and provides both better communication with my gf but also optionally serves as a streamer from the TV. Amazon sells a small inexpensive adapter which splits the monaural signal into both ears, simulating stereo although I concede it would not satisfy an audiophile.

As for restaurants and parties, I have yet to find any HAs which fulfill their advertised promises addressing that problem, but I do put my little microphone in the middle of the table and it helps.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:


I don’t have Samsung soundbars but I have Samsung TVs. The Bluetooth on the Samsung TVs are standard and not proprietary. I’ve been able to connect BT headsets to my Samsung TVs just fine. I wonder what would be the point of providing BT on their soundbar and advertising as such if Samsung makes that BT proprietary. If that’s the case, then one can consider Samsung soundbars not having BT.


I have a newer model Samsung soundbar at home and stream to some wireless headphones with no issues.

Maybe older model Samsung had limitations?


That is probably the case. There was a thread about it not working with aids a while back. That would have applied to other non-Samsung devices. I imagine they got heat and changed it for newer models.


Nate, Thanks for your information…I have a HA benefit every 3 years use it or loose it. So that is one of the reasons I am starting to gather information on the HA.

When I go to Costco next month I will see about the feedback issues with my KS-5s

Will look into some of the other items you mentioned also.

C P Ron