Time for New Hearing Aids?

Hello All,

I’m pretty new here and need some suggestions. I have a pair of Phonak Perseo BTEs that have never been satisfactory to me. I’m not sure if I should keep trying to get them adjusted better or try some news aids. Clarity and hearing in noisy environments are my main issues. The phone is also a problem. If I were to get new aids, based on the hearing loss pattern you see below (recent audiogram), what would some of you recommend? I’m open to about any solution. I was wondering if there are any CICs that would work.

250 - right 10 left 10
500 - right 10 left 10
750 - right 55 left 40
1000 - right 55 left 45
1500 - right 55 left 45
2000 - right 55 left 40
3000 - right 45 left 35
4000 - right 40 left 30
6000 - right 40 left 20
8000 - right 55 left 30

This is basically a cookie bite loss but I hear better in the high frequencies in the left ear. Any feed back would be appreciated. I’m tired of not being able to hear people in groups or even understand the TV. Half the time I don’t even wear my aids. I’m pretty frustrated. :frowning:

Thanks a bunch for your help, Shirley

newer open fit across all manf. should do the trick…

Mid price (new generation should do a great job) My favorites are

Oticon Vigo or Vigo and Unitron Next… siemens will introduce the

Reflex, seems like a quite advance aid at a reasonable price…

Others like the Extra (phonak) are good but not so advance anymore

for the price paid…

I would expect that within a year all Manf. will introduce a new and improv.

mid price solution…

What kind of hearing aids is this Siemens Reflex? Is that for only mild hearing loss range? I have moderate to severe hearing loss.

according to what I read It should be an entire product family covering up to severe losses. It should have most od the old generation high end features…
so I would expect e2e, VC learning, datalogging, directionality, smound smoothing, etc etc

as a dispenser this is great, as it raises the bar for other comp. to follow

When is this “Siemens Reflex” come to the market? Where you get this information about “Siemens Reflex”?

I’ve got a mid to high frequency loss classified as moderate to profound. Five years ago I got 2 BTE Canta Resound digitals. They were great at the time. Still had trouble in groups, on the phone, watching tv, ect. But, much better than my old ITE’s. Today, I’m getting the ReSound Azure BTE’s. With an FM system on them. So, looking forward to seeing improvement. Will let you know how it goes. I go to the Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in West Allis, WI. I think that there are 8 of them in the U.S. All that they do is service deaf/HOH. Very neat place with lots of info. on everything that you can imagine for the HOH/Deaf. if you want to know more about my experiences, I write an online column called “Hears” to Life! Just type that in your search engine and the link will come up. Congrats on taking the next step! It’s a lot of work, but well worth the effort. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you mentioned how long you had your old Phonak hearing aids, but suffice to say, all the major players have really stepped up with some great innovations with open fit technology in the past couple of years.

My favorite is Starkey, the largest of the American hearing aid companies. A CIC could certainly fit with that loss. These days they can get a very large vent in them to stop you feeling blocked up.


There are three models that would work well with your loss. The Destiny 800, 1200 and 1600.

Alternatively, there’s always the open fit route where a tiny BTE is used.


Most offices should be able to demonstrate some or all of these aids to you before you make a decision.

In any case, I think you’ll find that technology has really improved lately. With any luck you should be able to get far closer to the results you were hoping for last time around.

I was kidding you, I read it on ENT News, it has been anounced in Europe


When is this "Siemens Reflex comes to US? Is there anyway I can get some information on the Internet in Eupore?


wild guess EUHA 2008 …

Hi Shirley, there a number of good websites that sell major and minor brands of hearing aids at a lot less money than you would pay at an audiologists office: