Time for new hearing aids?

Yes, I just got it.

Hmm. It looks like the loss is mainly in the area that affects speech recognition. I would be interested in comments from professionals here on the forum.

Thank you for the additional information.

Yes you can. Due to moving we had to find a new audi for my son and he programs the aid we bought elsewhere all the time. A new place may want to do an up to date audiogram on you prior to the programming.

I saw you are trying Agil Pro now, how’s that it sounds compared to the Acto Pro?I am now trying the Acto Pro Power BTE now and feels like the sounds are about the same as Agil Pro that I tried before this. I have a severe hearing loss. The reason that I choose to try Acto Pro Power BTE first is because my audiologist told me to try the BTE first and see how do I like it, and for BTE, we can use my current earmold and don’t have to make a new earmold for RITE type, my audi said that I have to pay extra money for RITE earmold because they have to specially made it for power mold (is it true?). Personally I want to buy the RITE type if I have decided which one to buy (ACTO Pro or Agil Pro). Also, can you please tell me how much the price that you got for AGIL PRO? I want to make a deal hopefully next week and I really need help on the price so I know the real price of it and I don’t want get ripped off by my audi…it happened a lot nowadays in this economic situation and I am not economically stable now but I need hearing aids to be able to hear, so that’s why I am thinking of choosing ACTO PRO over AGIL PRO because it cost less and sounds the same for me. I don’t know if the extra features on AGIL PRO like binaural processing and more bandwidth/frequencies will help or make difference me as I have severe hearing loss.

Anyone, please help…truly appreciate it.

Of course, entry level hearing aids that are properly fit can out perform top of the line devices that are not properly fit. Based on the nature of your hearing loss I would recommend that you have a clinic perform speech mapping verification(or more commonly known as real ear measurement). A number of tests can be done to determine if you are getting enough amplification in the all important 1000Hz to 4000Hz range for different levels of speech including soft speech. Do you remember if this testing was done for you ? At some point during the first 30 to 60 days of a new fitting this testing should be completed so you and the fitter will know if the aids are “matched” to your hearing loss.
My advice in the future is to not purchase hearing aids from a dispenser that does not do or know how to do this testing.