Time for new hearing aids after Starkey 3 Series

I have been wearing starkey 3 series110 for about 7 years and think it’s time to update. Has technologies improved much in the last 7 years? What is a great brand? Is there some I should shy away from? By the time I research new ones they will be out dated lol. Thanks for any help.

No one can tell you as we all hear differently.

You would have to decide on how you hear.

Two people with the exact same hearing loss, might hear better with different hearing aids as the brain is involved.

7 years old is considered ancient when it comes to hearing aids. And yes technology has advanced quite a bit in that time. But only you can decide if the advances will help you

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I agree with other posters: yes, the technology cycle in the hearing aid industry is pretty short, maybe 3-4 years. The brand I’ve used for nearly 25 years (Oticon) refreshes the underlying platform on about that schedule. Personally, I’m hoping for a platform change next year.

As for brands, that’s totally subjective to the individual. For grins, you might go to a Costco, get a hearing test, then test-drive one of their top-of-the-line units just to get a baseline idea of what a new unit will do for you. Then, you can test drive other brands, Oticon, Starkey, whatever to see if the higher end stuff does much more for you.

Best of luck with your adventure.

I’m in a similar boat. My last 2 pair (including my current) are Starkey and before that 2 pair of Sonic Innovations. All were fine, sounded natural but streaming was problematic because of battery life (range was fantastic since it was 900MHz).

Over the past few years I’ve considered Resound, then Phonak, but as my appointment finally nears I’m leaning toward Oticon. I prefer In-The-Ear form factors (AKA “custom”, ITC, ITE, CIC, etc). We will see what my new audiologist recommends this week.

I don’t care about streaming at all, but would consider any bells and whistles if I can use them without a gateway/bridge device.