Time for new aids. Looking for brand advice


Thank you for providing that, sir!


I like the Starkey aids, they have impressive noise suppression, and the ITC fit is very comfortable. But the bluetooth thing just isn’t working out. I got the Surflink Mini Mobile yesterday. Turns out it’s a 2 piece unit. The SurfLink Remote Microphone with a Bluetooth adapter attached to it. In order to use it, you have to turn on the remote microphone, AND turn on the Bluetooth adapter. I turned them on at 7am today, and the Bluetooth adapter battery died by 3pm. So I guess you’re supposed to keep them both turned off, and then when you get a phone call, turn them both on. Yea right.

So at this point I think I am going to go with another brand. I don’t know which one yet. I started another thread here regarding Android and Bluetooth. I’m still parsing the results of that discussion.


Try several brands, that’s what I do.

As time goes by, it seems like one brand may over take the others in quality. More time goes by, different brand rises to the top.

Good luck!


I agree. The hearing aid manufacturers may completely change the way their hearing aid works every 8-10 years. That is at least according to my experience. I’ve had two phonak hearing aids four years apart, but the third (8 years after my first Phonak) had a very different sound, from the previous one (I ended up returning it, not because of the sound quality, but because one of them stopped working after just three weeks).

While the first one was great, the 2nd did improve this, but, yeah the 3rd was another story all together.

Oticon also did so with their OPN hearing aids. While I haven’t had any oticon hearing aids before the OPN 1 I have now, i would expect the sound to be much different in OPN compared to older generations. I’m sure similar stories can be told about other brands as well.

That being said i can tell you this about their automatic programs. Currently Phonak and Widex uses a automatic program that changes between several sound classes/subprograms. That is much different from oticon opn, that “only” has a single “General” program + the ones you choose to add on. I CLEARLY prefer this. I hate not being in control of what program that is currently on. You might be able to relate to this: Music might sometimes be what you want to hear (home listening, music concert), and other times it is background noise (some party). However the hearing aid on automatic will just detect music in both cases and choose that program no matter what you’d actually wanna hear. That’s why I didn’t really use the automatic program that much on my previous Phonak hearing aids (that and other issues, but let’s keep that out of this thread :wink: )

TL;DR: Try what you think you’d like. Keep it if you like it, otherwise try something else :slight_smile:


Update: My audi has ordered me a set of Phonak Marvels.


I have an iPhone 6s and my wife an iPhone Xs. We both stream into our Oticon 1s absolutely flawlessly. Not even one problem. Also the sound quality and speech in noise is exceptional.
I have no idea what your problem with iPhone is, but the old expression regarding cutting off one’s nose to spite his face comes to mind.


It only picks music if there is no speech, and it changes pretty fast. I really like the automatic program.


Actually, my biggest problem with iPhone is the fact that iPhone users are constantly trying to push their preference on me. People seem to have trouble accepting my choice of smartphone ecosystem.

I, on the other hand, am very happy that you and your wife enjoy your phones so much. I understand completely why people love their iPhones.

As for “cutting off one’s nose to spite his face,” I feel that’s what I would be doing if I switched to iPhone just so I wouldn’t have to wear a streamer around my neck.

I bolded the word “never” to let people know that this just isn’t an option I want to discuss, but I guess there is nothing I can do to keep people from bringing it up. I am not trying to start a smartphone war. Actually, I was trying to avoid one.

I think tomorrow I will start a separate thread explaining my position. In the future I can just point people to that.

Edit: done


And I have come to dislike android because of the same reason, if you find what works for you then that is great we all do not need the other brands pushed down our throats.