Time for new aids. Looking for brand advice


I am currently demoing the Unitron Moxi All, a sister company of Phonak. The sound is much better than my old h.a. . The Unitrons physicaly fit me very well and I am happy with them. The bluetooth is not a factor in my decision.

The bluetooth is ok but only in one ear and they do not stream music or anything else. I was hoping that would be better.
The upside is there is no streamer. I too had an ez tec and it was being repaired more than being used.


As of right now, there is no device that will stream to Android in both ears. The Phonak B-direct streams to one ear. Phonak is set to come out with the Marvel end of November which will be able to stream to both ears from Androids. Might want to consider waiting for that to hit the market.


Not sure where you got that info from. My Siemens EasyTek streams to both ears. And I am currently trialing a set of Starkey Muse IQ with a SurfLink Mobile. That also streams to both ears. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
The Starkey trial is not going well by the way.


There are no hearing aids that will directly stream (without intermediary device like Easy Tek) from Android phones to both ears. I think that’s what kimcroteau was trying to say. However, there are lots of hearing aids that will stream from iPhones to both ears without intermediary device.


Yes, I meant directly connecting with the Android platform. Thanks @MDB.


@BlueCrab, see if the audiologist can run an in situ audiogram through the hearing aids. I find that often helps with fine tuning. And of course, REM would be advised strongly. Good luck!


Muse iQ is no longer Starkey’s latest technology. Ask your audi to let you trial the newly released Livio, along with a new streamer/remote-microphone accessory.


Oh, now I get it. Hope my response didn’t sound terse, I was just confused. I have no issues using an intermediate device, but the SurfLink mobile is crap. I am thinking about trying the SurfLink Mini Mobile.


Did all that. He calls it “Live Speech Mapping.” Used my wife’s voice even. These aids do great at noise suppression at work, far better than my old Siemens. Streaming perfoms well. But I’m struggling with voices, which shouldn’t be.


I have the Streamline MIC with the Pure NX hearing aids. Sound is good, but like all of the extra things, you have to have it with you and do not always have it. When I know I need it, I use it and it works.


I’ll be sure to mention that. Thanks. I have another appointment this Monday. I was supposed to go back in 2 weeks, but I’ve been struggling so much that I moved the appointment up. I put my old aids back in this morning.


Once we remove Android requirement from our equation, all our options suddenly expand manifold and focusing on the core features of the hearing aid becomes easier. In my view, no android solution can match Made for iPhone stability and ease of use at present


I agree with this. It’s been 2 years since I switched to an iPhone from Android. I still prefer Android to iOS, but I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath waiting for the Android solution. Even after the Android solution becomes available, how many years will it take to work out all the kinks? It took almost 2 years for my iPhone streaming to become solid w between iOS 12 and firmware 6 on my hearing aids. It may take the Android solution just as long to work out all the kinks.


That’s never going to happen. Never as in not ever. Never like if a million years passed, it still wouldn’t happen. Never like over my dead body. Never like not for a million dollars. Never like wild horses couldn’t drag me from Android.

Battery Drain with Bluetooth
Bluetooth streamers and battery life

He said the Livio is $9000.


So I should probably clarify something. When I said that the trial wasn’t going well, I was referring to the sound quality of the aids. He said I was at 80% with the old aids. So I was expecting an OMG experience with the new aids. Instead, I felt like things got worse, and after 3 days I went back to the old aids.
On Monday, the audi made some adjustments, and the trial is going much better now. But I’m still not completely sold on the Starkey just yet. I gave back the SurfLink Mobile, and he ordered the SurfLink Mini Mobile for me. We’ll see how that works out after my next visit.
He has me wearing an ITC model. My old aids are RIC, and I have to say I’m really liking not having something behind my ear. Got a really good fit too, I hardly know they’re there.
Because of the troubles I was having, he also ordered the RIC model. He wants me to try it out and see if it works better for me. I guess I’ll try them, but I’m really liking the ITC.


The new phonak marvels will supposedly stream android to both ears, but the initial price tag is going to be something ridiculous


Yea, like I said earlier, I don’t mind wearing a streamer around my neck. My insurance covers aids once every 3 years. Maybe next time around they’ll have all of this streaming direct to Android stuff worked out and affordable. The Starkeys with the SurfLink Mobile were $980 after insurance. I don’t really want to go any higher than that.
I don’t mind wearing a streamer, but I hated the design of the SurfLink Mobile. Looking forward to trying the Mini Mobile.
I’m also considering trying Signia. I just have to get over my resentment concerning the EasyTek. I tend to hold grudges. :roll_eyes:


Hello all:

I need to replace my Phonak Q54 on one side. I was advised about the new Phonak Marvel coming in November for $2720.00 from an Audiologist. I wonder if anyone knows of a better price to get one but would that have to be from another Audiologist? I live in Huntington Beach, Ca.
Would greatly appreciate any referrals on this.

Also, my Personal articles Insurance policy to cover this was based on only replacing my cost of the original device. Prices have gone up. Is this common with anyone else who’s insured theirs?

If this is not the right way to ask these questions to get the most eyeballs, could anyone please place my questions in a general forum to get more responses? I’d greatly appreciate all assistance!

Rich H.


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