Thumbs Up For a Thread Topic Itself, Not Just Individual Posts in a Thread?

I’d like to suggest something to kick back to the developers of the forum software.

There ought to be a Thumbs Up for the overall thread, not just individual posters. That way if forum members felt a thread was particularly useful, they could effectively vote on the general usefulness of the thread itself apart from the helpfulness or likability of individual posts. In an indirect way the # of replies, the # of visits say something about a thread but the number of Thumbs Up for the thread overall would be a more direct measure, potentially, of what users think. Although maybe in deference to the OP, Thumbs Up for the overall thread would suffer “grade inflation.”

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When you thumb up the first post in a thread, that is kind of what you’re doing, no?


Not really. The first post could be a good question or post of information but the rest of the posts, conceivably, might not be worth a thumbs up for the thread. And by making the thumbs up for the first post a vote for the total thread, one is introducing ambiguity. It’s not a critical idea, just a thought. I just happened to read a thread that I thought overall was quite useful but I didn’t feel like voting on any particular post (they all deserved to “share” my vote) - so that’s what made me think that forum members ought to be able to vote for a thread overall but since liking varies alot from person to person, marking threads with Thumbs Up might not prove much - or be very useful overall - just an idle thought!

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Ah, yes, I see what you’re saying now, and definitely agree this could have value. I guess the entire Discourse forum system has a pre-existing system for bringing threads to an individual users attention, presumably based on the threads activity and popularity, so I guess they’d just need to find a way to incorporate a new thread like metric into the mix…


…the thread topic itself is an individual post