Thoughts on picking an audiologist


Was thinking about our discussions we’ve had on picking an audiologist. Wondering if one wants REM and a more thorough fitting experience if it would make sense to seek out somebody who does a lot of pediatric fittings? My thoughts are that they would be more used to doing fittings based on an objective basis rather than “How does that sound?” Certainly wouldn’t want somebody that only does pediatrics, but wondering if this approach might be better than just asking if they do REM?


For most people in the US & Canada, it makes sense to seek out a Costco hearing center that does Real Ear Measurement when fitting aids.

All Costco hearing centers have the equipment but many do not use it for REM. My 2 closest ones (2 hours away) do not. Many also do not perform the speech comprehension or upper sound limit tests. It took all day Saturday for my round trip & hearing test at a good Costco. :frowning:

I go next week to pick up my Kirkland Signature 8 aids for $1599 for the PAIR. I remember paying $2700 EACH for aids several years ago.


I would modify your recommendations slightly. For most value oriented people, Costco is a great opportunity. However, from my experience with several of the hearing aid fitters, even though they do REM, it is kind of a “Are we in the ballpark?” style of REM rather than a detailed fitting. My post was wondering if going with somebody with pediatric experience might increase the likelihood of a more detailed fitting.

Hope you enjoy your KS8s. I’m still pleased with my KS7s.


I would add to find and Audi that deals mostly with the same hearing loss as I or you have.


Even with mediocre fitting, I have enjoyed my KS6 aids but we could not adjust them to improve speech recognition.
The KS8 with just a rough setup were far superior in speech recognition and noise reduction in the warehouse store.

I would not say I am necessarily value oriented but I dislike spending more than necessary.


It’s an interesting idea. Pediatric audiologists certainly SHOULD be very comfortable with appropriate verification.

But also probably a good idea not to seek out someone who does almost ALL pediatric. The lovely thing about pediatric fittings is that you do not need to ask the child’s opinion of the sound quality, you never have to be kvetched at about the sound of their grandfather clock or of cellophane. You just set their hearing aids to target (about 7 dB higher than adult targets) and away you go.


Yeah, I was thinking one wouldn’t want a specialist. :slight_smile: Thanks.


I would just like to find someone that has the ability/experience to fit complex hearing issues competently. And not, OK let’s try this, oh sorry, that didn’t work how about this!! Grrrr


And they follow up with the question “What do you want to try next?”


I had a consult today with a senior Audiologist in the complex hearing department of Australian Hearing. In preparation for my CI I’ve had to move Aud clinics. She went through the usual new client info, did an audiogram. Hooked me up to do a REM. Turned to me and in all seriousness said, “I would never have put you in Phonak Bolero, you don’t need a power aid as nothing is going to work for your highs! I would have have got you a good aid and worked with your mid range and lows!” :flushed::flushed::flushed: OK but I’m not buying new aids just for a few months. What she said makes some sense and might explain why I’m having so much trouble with the Bolero.
Just who are we the unsuspecting client meant to believe??? The Aud who I’ve dealt with for 5 years or today’s Aud who I’ve seen for an hour only and will be dealing with her for the rest of my life??

But as this clinic only deals with Signia and I don’t like the Signia range. Trialed several Signia aids over the last few years.


I think we’re often under the illusion that there is an objectively “best” professional and that is clear which one is “better.” Having been in the medical profession a number of years, I’ve come to conclude that this idea is an illusion. There have been physicians that I thought the world of and could do no wrong in my eyes, but there patients who hated them. On the flipside, there were physicans that I really had little confidence in, but some patient’s loved. I think what one is looking for is to find a medical professional that is right for you at this time in your life. I think it quite likely that your current audiologist is what you need now, but that the one that served you for five years was also right for you. I will add though that the professionals that I’ve thought well of are usually tactful about it if they disagree with another professional.


Sometimes people evaluate professionals on the silliest things, like personality and having something in common. I want my physician to be smart, tell me the truth, catch anything early, and treat it effectively.

I have a new doctor. He knows his business. He is sort of an asshole. He got in my face and said “LOSE SOME WEIGHT”. I like that! I’ve lost 50lb so far.


The Bolero is a perfectly good hearing aid, and it is not from Phonak’s power line. What did she mean by “good hearing aid”? Signia rather than Phonak? Both of those companies make fine hearing aids; there is no objective evidence suggesting that one is “better” than the other.

I’m sure your old audiologist is not under the illusion that she is doing anything for you at 2 kHz and up. The professional disagreement would seem to be about the usefulness of sounds for you between 1 and 1.5 kHz.

I’d try not to read too much into it at this point. Audiologists are people and they have good days and bad days.


@Neville you hit the nail on the head… This new company is not an independent Audiology company, but a Government run one… Signia aids are the only aids offered to clients other than CI clients, they get GN Resound . My Aud had to download Phonak 5.2 to do any adjustments to my aids yesterday. It was nothing like my other auds program at all. She had trouble figuring out how to use it so she’s not familiar with the program at all. But it’s only for a few more months so I will survive. On the good side :blush:they gave me a Roger Pen system on loan, until my CI surgery. All I need to do now is figure out how to work the wonderful piece of technology. SIGH!


And don’t misinterpret confidence for competence.


I agree that Drs. and other providers should be candid but with a little tact as well.

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