Thoughts as I finish Styletto trial

In comparison with my last hearing aid, a Widex Passion, I found the Styletto to be more comfortable listening as compared with my older aid. The best improvement in this hearing aid compared to my last is 1) reduced wind noise 2) ability to connect to my phone without a secondary device.

Loved the rechargeable aspect and the charging case was a good size for carrying around.

Liked the Signia app but didn’t utilize it as much as I thought I might. I found being able to have a tele medicine appointment through the app to be convenient and novel. Especially with Covid I think tele audiology is cool.

As far as fit I was okay with it but it wasn’t perfect. The size zero wire fit perfectly on my right ear but my left ear is somewhere between a zero and a 1. Also the length of the Styletto is awfully long compared to my Widex Passion. I’d be willing to take some extra length on the aid for the rechargeable aspect but it seemed a bit too long if there might be another rechargeable aid that is comparable.

Next I’ll be trialing Phonak Marvel.


Please come back and tell us your trial of the Phonak Marvel comparison.


You might want to wait before you start the Marvel trial. It looks like Phonak is about to announce something new in a few days. Maybe a replacement for the Marvel.


Ahh, good to know. My appointment is tomorrow, so perhaps I can trial Oticon Opn next if that’s available. And wait to try Phonak last.

Jeanette, I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts on comparing Styletto vs. Oticon vs. Phonak. Please do keep posting. Thanks.

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It’s not a rumour, it’s a fact. :wink:
Phonak Paradise, in Germany available for order from 27 Aug. Big announcements are at 20 Aug.

RIC in 13T form is coming, I don’t know for others, my fitter called last Friday to see for my case.

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I’ve had Oticon aids previously. Tried a Stiletto, hated the size of it and bought another Oticon, OPN S this time. Best of luck with your trials.

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Looking back at when the Naida Marvels were announced, to when they were available, at least in the US it was a couple of months. So, I wouldn’t expect them to be available at your audiologist immediately.


Biggest failure in my book with the Styletto is that you can’t swap the receiver in house. They are factory only swaps, the suggestion was that you just send them off from the Audiologists office and Signia ship out another pair to replace. This is guaranteed to add a week on a minor breakdown to sort a repair that should be done in minutes.

If you live lots of shipping days from the Signia facility, you might have some longer waits. You can understand why the Engineers, living in the middle of Germany (where everything arrives in 6-8hours) don’t see this as a major problem, but it doesn’t fly here. You can’t even order the replacements in advance, they have to receive the items first, which necessitates two customer visits to the shop. That wasn’t happening before, with Covid restrictions it’s never going to work.

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They recently changed it so you can swap the receiver on the Styletto. The audiologist demonstrated how to swap the receivers and sent me out the door with the zero and one length so I could decide which was best.


My first receiver that needed replacement had to go back which was maybe a year ago on my Signia Pure 13s, and then the second one that the receiver needed replacing the Audi did it in the office.

You could always change the wire on the Pures. The Styletto only used to be a back to factory option here.

Then I’m lucky, as I said, orders here can be done on 27th. My fitter will order them for me and I have pickup appointment already, first Friday in September. We gave it a few days slack space.

He could order it on Friday already but only under the condition that he takes bigger quantities.

Don’t ask me how he’d program it since target didn’t yet get the update or when they would be exactly delivered if he really ordered them then. But his guy confirmed that after 27th regular orders can be made.

I definitely wouldn’t be happy if the waiting would be longer since end of my Marvel trial is at the middle of September, and not having them would be really huge step backwards. But my fitter didn’t show any sign of doubt in the dates his guy gave him.

On Stylettos trial did you get the model using older “myControl” app (which I love) or newest “Signia” app (which I hate)?

It’s great you can trial so many different brands!

During the course of the trial I went from the old app to the newer app. To be honest I didn’t use the app as much as I thought I would.

Yes, I appreciate that my new audiologist is open to me trying out several aids. For me, being able to compare hearing aids is new. My last practice had me trial in the office. It’s so helpful to use them in my real environment as audiology office settings are so quiet.

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I can’t imagine getting much out of an in office trial. My audi is letting me trial two brands at the same time, which is really helpful, as long as I leave one brand in about 3 days at a time, but I do find myself swapping when one is not doing good in a certain situation, just can’t help it.

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