This machine creates artificial vision for the blind

Interesting watching visual implants develop.

For hearing, we have cochlear implants and auditory brainstem implants … a little easier than trying to implant the auditory cortex…

Not sharing info about cochlear implants here, as I’m sure most are familiar.

Edit: Swapped out the ABI video for a better one.


Wow, that is amazing!!! Far from perfect but imagine the impact that will have on people’s lives!!! If this becomes available to the public (and affordable with insurance, wishful thinking I know) this would be wonderful for my cousin who lost his sight in an auto accident years ago!
The technology is smilar to HAs/CIs in that it is optimised for people who could previously see and therefore their brains are able to comprehend the images they are seeing, but I am sure they are working on a device to help even people who have been blind since birth maybe. I wonder if the sight area of the brain deteriorates in a similar fashion to the hearing area if it goes un/underused for extended periods of time.